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Recently I have been introduced to CSI, and I have been hooked ever since...

I have been lent the first 3 seasons of CSI, currently halfway through Season 2...
Also love the Tarrantino episodes, they were fab...

So does anyone else watch it???
i watch it occasionally, pretty good really, i love it every time David Caruso from csi miami speaks, its just hilarious because hes so dramatic
Miami is Cheese at the highest level but its still fab

I havent watched New York tho
Oh CSI is great. In SA weve got the 2nd season of CSI:NY on and I think it's the fitfh season now of CSI:Las Vegas. And I think there has already been 4 or 5 seasons of Miami on.
I have now watched Season 1 & 2 of CSI: Las Vegas, and 3 episodes into Season 3...

Really want to get CSI:Miami as i have watched a couple of the shows and have got addicted to them all
CSI mami's probley the one of have watched the least, still cool though, and CSI NY's got Lieutenant Dan in it

The Tarrantino one ruled, it had everything - mine you anything Tarrantino touches turns to gold
Good idea just didn't qite get it right int he end IMO - but BOT CSI's pretty cool :)

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