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Currie Cup in rgby 08



i have been able to duplicate a team, so that you have two teams, but can't change it to a group of its own. i been trying to make a currie cup group so you can play with those teams, can anyone help? and can anyone help with making a currie cup tournament?
Hey.. I looked into that to so i thought about replacing the super14 with the currie cup..
It is easy to edit the Super 14's to Currie Cup or Air NZ Cup, or even Top 14, it just takes time to edit and the kits and most people don't have time to do a whole patch themselves.
well, can you help me, but i dont want to edit super 14. but add new match type. and for just now. leave the same kits but only use the sa teams in the cup.
To my knowledge you can only replace a cup so far. I tried adding one but it is too difficult. So what I can help you with is replacing the 6 Nations with a SA Cup? Then I there is enough people that want to help whe can add another 2 teams. But so far I will help you renaming ens.. You should look around the forum for the Locations in the Data.gob and edit the graphics self will help you with that to.
:%#%#: i give up... i tried to edit the stuff but only kept messing up my game. this project is closed. i am not continuing, if someone wants, they can do it. but i am afraid i just dont have the skills.

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