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Discussion in 'EA Rugby 08' started by Fa'atau82, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Here is an official list of cyberfaces that are being released or being made by each cyberface maker. I will update older faces that are still good from patchers such as EVOL and others as well if i find more.

    Matt Giteau (no cap)
    Quade Cooper
    Ignacio 'Nani' Corleto
    Martin Castrogiovanni
    Fran Todeschini
    J.M Hernandez
    Finau Maka
    Kambamba Floors
    Francois Steyn
    Richie McCaw
    Sebastien Chabal
    Dan Carter
    Horacio Agulla
    Rodrigo Roncero
    JP Pietersen

    Isaia Toeava
    Brendon Leonard
    Richard Kahui
    Adam Thompson
    Jerome Kaino
    Jimmy Cowan
    Neema Tialata
    David Lemi
    Francois Steyn
    Brad Thorn
    Stephen Brett
    JP Pietersen

    J.M Hernandez
    Matt Dunning (two versions one with cap?)
    Aurelien Rougerie
    Mike Phillips
    Danny Cipriani (headgear)
    J.F Lobbe
    I.F Lobbe
    Paul Sackey
    Lesley Vainikolo
    Patricio Albacete
    James Hook
    Mario Ledesma
    Henry Tuilagi
    Alesana Tuilagi
    Serge Betsen
    Sebastien Chabal
    Vincert Clerc
    J.B Elissalde
    David Skrela
    Ignacio 'Nani' Corleto
    David Strettle
    Filipe Contepomi
    Omar Hasan Jalil

    C. Jantjies
    CJ Van Der Linde
    Sterling Mortlock
    Remy Martin
    Victor Matfield
    Shane Williams
    Jimmy Gopperth
    George Smith
    Carlos Spencer
    Jason Eaton
    Paul Tito
    Freddie Michalak
    Andre Pretorius
    Gavin Henson
    Nick Evans
    Gordon D'Arcy
    Donncha O'Callaghan
    Shane Geraghty
    Tom Shanklin
    Vincent Clerc
    Manuel Contepomi
    Sebastien Chabal

    Drew Mitchell
    Nathan Sharpe (with headgear and without)
    Luke Burgess
    Tatafu Polota-Nau
    Timana Tahu
    James Horwill
    Dan Vickerman
    Matt Giteau (Blue and white headgear and green headgear versions)
    Rocky Elsom
    Sonny Bill Williams

    Richie McCaw
    Carl Hayman (big beard version)
    Piri Weepu (some highlight in the hair)
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  3. man007

    man007 Guest

    GreaT Idea Fa'atau82
  4. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Well, the idea just being that you can download the whole list of faces and if we update the rugbygob excel file then simply anyone can make a roster with the much improved faces.

    I have just bought rugby 08 for PS2, and i am going to try to add MUP to the disc. If that can be done (added into the gob directly) and it can be reloaded back into the PS2 successfully. In theory we can have all the new faces and it can a complete update.

    Otherwise, i expect that it will have to be a burned CD with updated files and the worst case scenario.. a modded PS2. If that happens then it will be not ideal but perhaps a step forward.
  5. aikitim

    aikitim Guest

    Perhaps a face AND kit index would be best?
  6. aikitim

    aikitim Guest

    I think the best way to do it would to have each modder take all of thier files - kit or faces and separate them into a .rar archive

    so if they make kits it would say ex. fa'atau kit.rar
    or faces ex. fa'atau face.rar

    or both would be 2 rar archives

    put all of the kits in the rar archive, and all of the faces in one each with their own notepad file w/ a list of whats included.

    once everyone has created these rar archives, they could all be sent to one location, I'd be willing to do it, or you fa'atau or whoever, and then that person can compile them into one larger rar file including all of them so it would be like index.rar or whatever you want to call it including ulikit.rar, ulifaces.rar, fa'ataukit.rar and so on and so forth.....
  7. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Not a bad idea. Let's see what everyone else says. I a lot of the work is in tandem so it might be as simple as that, but i get the idea.
  8. uli85

    uli85 Guest

    Hi Gary. This is my list of the faces. Is the list of unused faces that 'kingwilko' made with replaced new faces and used faces.
    In order says: filename, player name, player ID, used/replaced
    The "x" means a unique face used in roster with the original player.
    The "*" means a replaced face with the name of the new player face.
    Try not to replace generic faces, just unique ones. There is a lot of retired player faces that we can use and they are not in this list. For example i used Will Greenwood to replace it for Hernandez face.

  9. xusky

    xusky Guest

    How do we add to the list without someone else already using that model? ie if im making a NZ player and want to use a retired player, and someone else is making another player but wants to use the same retired player to replace his model. How do we decide which person use it?
  10. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Well, if a face is made it has to be renamed to a face that isn't being used, so it's easy to fix.
  11. uli85

    uli85 Guest

    It doesn't matter, any face can be reasigned. But the idea is make a list with the replaced faces of all the facemakers. And update it if there is new faces.
  12. xusky

    xusky Guest

    Can someone with the updated list plz post it then, or is that the list in Uli post above? Thanks
  13. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    That list is Uli's. I need other list from Kabezon and co so we can try to fill in the spaces that are free.

    Here is a complete list. I have put an 'x' (used in roster) next to faces that will remain and updated of a new version has been made and '*' means the face can be overwritten with a new player's face.

    be7c5dd9cf4e5d81a0a6cc22193bc7cf.big Paul O'Connell 10195 x
    decedf4a5f531cfb420072621f0b2190.big Andy Titterell 10202 x
    36ee568ef060df2ad2fbde6f62d41071.big Drew Mitchell 10285 x updated
    aba9e22d272473260be496073e55e5ea.big Carl Hayman 10291 x updated
    def5c4f3e9fa9ba5e5822f7c7ce9369e.big Jean-Baptiste Elissalde 1052 x updated
    9dd48beccc047e180c4b7bbdcf800f7f.big Rob Howley 10647 *
    0026dbe89c2093974f4548b714c019f4.big Jason Eaton 10697 x
    1a6ef465f1006919a527069d6d91dcfd.big Simon Shaw 1071 x
    e82f7f53fee80b0ca68d2798c464b536.big Stephen Moore 10761 x
    5217b83315b531c9c658a767fa332a01.big Tom Voyce 10816 x
    61ac0340f9ee3a15d22fa26bbe9e3742.big Dan Scarborough 11020 x
    4461fb5d77a4658c7e3933abe53f46e4.big Brent Cockbain 11075 x
    6237f0ae58bc0146e5922f1b17712047.big Sebastien Bruno 11173 x
    61d71c02802cb0158b86be15cf6e5458.big George Gregan 11258 x
    3956c5854dd7ec036aca6a1524ad4606.big Ian Balshaw 1146 x
    5f8297ae49fa2a95e65445749a3b288e.big Omar Hasan 11478 x
    972c7b9d6ba73adc50f84170322b7428.big Robertson/Cudmore 11662 x
    17bae0659475f6ee52fd87957bc84bfe.big Sione Lauaki 11785 x
    092cadca8bddae32029fa86455b8e9e8.big Thomas Castaignede 11840 *
    5746341ea84706fa58905724b1bcc0b1.big Jamie Noon 12189 x
    7c89489e6a265108fe0510b0e07f5637.big Aian average 7 12290
    7b39eb6bd4a9d290590832902adc125c.big Harry Ellis 12393 x
    618d6d846dfa930e2572d9143fb39b6b.big Dan Carter 12529 x Updated
    7d81d0d64dbbdac1ed7acbd75bcd7159.big Jimmy Gopperth 12550 ?
    7bd504ca651f5c84dabff1bdf1d46fb3.big G.Nawali 12570 *
    fb5a8cba64e721300db7d9a601338e71.big Manual Contepomi 12722 x Updated
    a5af13e645bef96d7d86c510d70c8fcf.big Mark Van Gisbergen 12779 x
    c05ae7690316ec96f86f9a3785db1b66.big caucasian Reserve 18 1278
    8fe5e6f57e912f09ad2839e0180b6569.big Taine Randell 12859 *
    9d1346022b2b40cf8712d76c85044a8b.big Gareth Bowen 13392 *
    fbff084532c3fe834f4a1578afeaae92.big Yan Delaigue 1340 *
    546c7b4a41a7659ebf47713baed42b77.big Sam Tuitupou 13458 x
    5c347e8320c22eb22e5fa5eba1c807ff.big John Smit 13490 x
    b86c0465ec8b871a7004e0e996c8b775.big Duncan Jones 13549 x
    3684e83ba45faa6fa5895ce35f2296ec.big Butch James 13597 x
    9db298fec335f77dca2573f906821104.big James Hook 13648 x Updated
    21d3f8030207baf7c99dd7c30560a874.big Remy Martin 13653 x Updated
    d3068bce7e2b178501f45d5b109a3462.big William Servat 13712 x
    0ca392e116bf9d7aff9526e0f78f4608.big Rodney So'oialo 13931 x
    963a457bff508dad9e7f8cbdf8c24b76.big Johnny Wilkinson 14008 x
    a8bbddda0baea5ce5433622adfd2d58a.big Juan Smith 14018 x
    bfa9d32ff9c54824e4b225495f3bf9ab.big Stuart Abbott 142 *
    57084c72f4ebc217f54e40ea398dfe69.big caucasian Reserve 12 14333
    f3315270acb4877a300dee0bc026b8d1.big Clyde Rathbone 144 *
    c1e1e6561add6edbc3d5718ed059d5b2.big Yannick Jauzion 14474 x
    de2af6a04670a769ebc648b7feb6f099.big Matt Henjak 14507 x
    b9d830b35b54c31bcdf454a100a661f9.big Richard Hill 14625 x
    703d69cd2e07b12c38bf517cef9e51e4.big Daniel Heenan 14688 ?
    34d9ea9042bd6963ba3b38e99ecb59fe.big Olly Barkley 14844 x
    efc088c01ae19584c57fb82acb7cf4c6.big Olivier Milloud 14962 x
    96fccec897503403f042bbbb70a5d126.big Tony Woodcock 14989 x
    b34d9deb3e4abf57a7f5287cba7f26c3.big Corey Flynn 15006 x
    90a2f4f98f9728d185f600110d4c552f.big Andy Craig 15264 ?
    42c71ea185dd8ba879632a5caecb3715.big Girvan Dempsey 1543 x
    61ee64c1ec9a7ffaebadc8e1ab7f38e2.big Shane Williams 15460 x Updated
    d51635f7de061a36208cd699653f76a8.big Sonny Parker 15629 x
    723ae979bac4b641f78ad2c6955e866c.big Justin Marshall 15724 x
    7f64b461d9956dc33dd68bd3b46050fa.big Ollie Smith 1604 x
    40ca3e3e15681fd2045018abf49c4381.big Mike Tindall 16085 x
    1ebed53e41d3727eb61b03278c14fe45.big Aian average 25 16118
    7519a8b52e59217de6af1c9519f284e5.big Mat Rogers 16139 *
    efb68c2c103aa9c1d8056a024c795909.big Phil Waugh 16202 x
    f43dcc85acff71fd7b9b101b05359d3b.big Brendan Cannon 16279 *
    ee322aaeb51def5912e66028d27ee533.big David Walder 16290 x
    4fa1e7096b10c81815da49e224c25807.big Aian average 8 16336
    0ac4a6d0c30ade956f50f9729e54de61.big Jonah Lomu 16343 * (to be replaced?)
    11fb440ac4b70ffd433d4c34c83db601.big Julian White 16398 x
    7503b8d51c3aecd73ba8e223a78826c3.big Conrad Smith 16697 x
    610fd26a45005c1579a968727e8f77e0.big John Hayes 170 x
    390a694819a7614731c0ee862fb4de7b.big Aian average 1 17035
    6dacead972129e2f9b1ad2be320d386f.big Reggie Corrigan 17192 *
    feae031a74e8c42b16532e4764fca5cb.big Chris Jack 17421 x
    c81ddb8739bb1564f64a3d0fafdb0b4e.big R.Damm 17432 *
    f7a098f1e3ad19ebecf4ff3e75310127.big Gregory Lamboley 17469 x
    b6ae8ddcb422c3eda75fc0907cc2b4fa.big Julien Peyrelongue 175 x
    0091bd67adf9c4487f5579e4658d34bb.big Shane Byrne 1763 x (needs a huge update)
    67af956f38bfa2c8fd78b7b7f1b9bc29.big Percy Montgomery 17650 x
    43a24237f55256d1122f0979455be95e.big George Chuter 17659 x
    e739c01e06f5d3e1ffcf8df9beb763bb.big Van de Linde 17832 x
    2c936d21be3a0d278ab001228c4e1aa3.big Tom Palmer 17861 x
    55fb0e2fde7daed0282a774ef4a17e70.big Gareth Cooper 17864 x
    d6d697525b2bd6658d8898c03fc411de.big Matt Stevens 17922 x
    969b01a96922bcd9748506887231a761.big Ramiro Pez 17964 x
    3c401265b23e247b344f8d66c7d03de5.big Piri Weepu 17984 x
    649cff55fe7d3ae4d0f6a35018a87b10.big Mark Regan 18132 x
    56a1916e608345862a5bed1947ece3b1.big Mils Muliaina 18190 x
    bc74276909849c5f6dc53231ee33d6b7.big Jason Robinson 18330 * (to be replaced?)
    65f2b315fc01d3ef09fd671f0b8846f4.big Geordan Murphy 18337 x
    ab48742e019a06a89b537507dc6b2f5a.big Josh Lewsey 18373 x
    94d05dcee33baa1659511c3ace228cac.big Black average 7 18392
    45c781ccc0c71b873df31f1fed5a831f.big Richie McCaw 18467 x updated
    a37199b199edc12ac492020fab18f8f8.big Bakkies Botha 1847 x
    e3748fc3496ffa60453df3b1ee4bceb3.big Steve Devine 18538 x
    cd80cd9fd078df61fe4c0691f6dba427.big Dimitri Szarzewski 18634 x
    38ece1a4c9252336d51f5e0b7335375a.big Chris Jones 18651 x
    e49963612ac09af8626ed595090bc7d9.big Aaron Mauger 1869 x
    e3f3428852dfbb01f20d8099397e7f82.big Charlie Hodgson 18703 x
    f83bfda77539f13f8985d5cac68961fc.big Justin Harrison 19090 x
    9d8d7c11b9c29b0765ad9553cccfae4c.big Jean De Villiers 19161 x
    68a74bcbcff89db0ed0880b5bcfda945.big Matthew Tait 19169 x
    c71be8a30be21c5ad87057cb529be37d.big Ben Atiga 1924 x
    de3716110fed8e6c8cd0d0444ef65fd4.big Kyran Bracken 19264 *
    db68d9fbaf2f015a038d820fbb0b8a96.big George Smith 19314 x
    8cec961eb710c5e766fbf80bd984a829.big Tyrone Howe 19357 ?
    049040477ff7c5359830d4c00fc127da.big Jaco Van der Westhusen 19552 x
    504c7375fcc663a08a754e326ba32755.big Fourie du Preez 19558 x
    34846c629b8594cc8bb321b99c335ba9.big Os Du Randt 19611 x
    0290275cd53f3f83e28dc589fd6f3cc1.big Matt Dawson 19690 *
    d081507ef57cc3a6e53012b45139524c.big Malcolm O'Kelly 19711 x
    87ddf73d04ee2c6352a271af4b1957e5.big Byron Kelleher 19718 x
    2e017ea9835d12cdc1ead3831fc27ae2.big Barry Everitt 19866 x
    0a6e4143aa983f184fd639d48a8748ba.big Radike Samo 19895 ?
    6c4ff8f89bfc94e2f4c07883251af7d8.big Ben Herring 19949 x
    d10ff2f04a65a08a17f4f00bda4d6cba.big caucasian Reserve 8 19964
    d3e5d62fcecbb1b36718839adad70609.big Martyn Wood 20078 *
    e88dbcc5fcfede0240269514c3edd4d1.big Andy Goode 20135 x
    2793eba02168e4f07de88e39c7bf2bb8.big Adam Jones 20193 x
    3c7ae4db7bb2cb26943342f14d4e9117.big Andrew Sheridan 20222 x
    b2b0375dc2c3a2ab83c9280ba6904afe.big Xavier Rush 20328 x
    f12ce63bcba0617fb24742b2478587ee.big Toby Flood 20448 x
    3cc74591e5596015c57437d0cc8df570.big Jean J Crenca 20450 *
    0f0ac61507b767a22441ba39278733e2.big Bryan Habana 20485 x
    ae8281d1bad94a80efa54ab8218cdbd3.big Marius Joubert 20489 x
    362967267a18651bc7210afafd868814.big P.Whiteman 20528 ?
    6d5dca4a2939fec62bd1d72c96742bb2.big Mike Hercus 20537 x
    bfa7d65e303127529417d6dfaab55e09.big Rico Gear 20580 x
    6d1d83db1f47114c6864850dad4b2f45.big Joe Van Niekerk 20594 x
    2fd5464a3c88cd2e349c457ee9e364d1.big Mauro Bergamasco 20899 x
    8126a069b1d23e70a78d9457d118fdc7.big F Contepomi 20945 x updated
    bb1d90d56012af6d75d1a310cd892f4d.big Phil Vickery 21 x
    a46cdb0e688ac805f7a2e1d3c297bbbb.big Aurelien Rougerie 21078 x updated
    47b4287888837b00bd2c04904a90bb8c.big Christophe Dominici 21113 x
    8d1147f2dfa3e41cb5aaf86591905b86.big David Humphreys 21113 x
    1fe49f7cff0d6727556ce6e9804e752c.big Cedric Heymans 2125 x updated
    f07e855ab17a8f23de00b1705d996823.big Yannick Nyanga 21293 x
    f0b683afc81187aec21e85bf11544f00.big Andy Gomarsall 21363 x
    edb84591db19a98f40b86bdb8b2c6c9d.big Peter Richards 21543 x
    165518eea871c04a3ce6a9548a2b3cfa.big Paul Grayson 21577 *
    9f1ab4b29fd3eb6d7e162436ef48c13d.big Jacques Cronje 21911 x
    ddc8ed368699263b7a56e7419e4849d2.big Ayoola Erinle 21963 x
    3039bd6a7b04aae138d3e51356473d05.big Werner Greef 21979 x
    8df4b5f63e4d1251e78393027a91db55.big caucasian Reserve 14 22361
    47971d4c4cdef08823bdb4b5d7727366.big Pat Sanderson 22413 x
    a45a79de683e2d7a4041995ff3d5cf8c.big Derrick Lee 226 ?
    39cf4fe4439cda9cf3ae83190fc9a05d.big Shane Horgan 22725 x
    ba93fe1fc3a92d7a8cec50e8109b6a8c.big S.Burger 22758 x
    ad417653e603eac0cce51682d2c32c35.big James Forrester 22867 x
    6e393c5ef4ecd5cbca9e5c78b97fdf27.big E.Murray 23146 x
    2fa4087e2a594c892debbdde62f3a24f.big Ryan Jones 2324 x
    b1980bd45b919bb5463672321369e0af.big Doug Howlett 23281 x
    cfca0826fe73c7b55542b60beb929584.big Bruce Reihana 23400 x
    53aecc1327caf97829e5a8e9aa2199d8.big Brian O'Driscoll 235 x
    c893c3d6396b028ba5bb8bc0905fd83c.big Fabian Pelous 23556 x
    fc49174bf501d129dd1867a38e585bfe.big Chris Whitaker 2368 x
    61dd64285b8ba71443e57b98118e7232.big Caleb Ralph 23811 x
    c94bd1f0304438a8cc6dd68216c8dc08.big Jeremy Paul 23831 x
    a0df6d4d1fc54960ab382789bb829651.big Rhys Williams 23840 x
    ad71ceeac6736cae2a746780b7ef53ad.big K.Mealamu 23844 x
    539bd7843354cd011248fea34aacdff0.big Wayne Julies 23955 x
    2821f627afc72f782e758eb7fbfc1666.big Jonny O'Connor 23967 x
    53073f820469e6490f70b7d868558d91.big Rupeni Caucaunibuca 24084 x
    9194d3d13e408d6c540ffa8002e48900.big Chris Masoe 24221 x
    5c9f69bb92413666e75093e1c7549476.big Steve Borthwick 24227 x
    7a930c5a32e7778f86e848122260bf5f.big Fabio Ongaro 24423 x
    d0a9d32ea392cffcb2bd2dc79ecf06cd.big Asian Reserve 6 24515
    8d2bd9fd4737ab39ca61d7736e814160.big Jerry Collins 24626 x
    b737432a0f18072e8b2e330131037b72.big Tony Marsh 24750 *
    523a8437946f626aadaef130036f6ab7.big Chris Paterson 24766 x
    8864d7e0c6faeb9a4593ff6ba07d4a3a.big Ben Cohen 24774 x
    7f0a69d6f54db8eab2a1f98b213324b2.big Dimitri Yachvili 24855 x
    d08718780d8aa9f84968adaf861b05a9.big Sylvain Marconnet 24948 x
    67184e23bd6406b3f29925b2dfe31396.big Luke Mcallister 25043 x updated
    e1ec84f7fc7e4d92aa2982bfe00214fe.big Kenny Logan 25205 *
    e9676e11616b18d735644b527f627c24.big Jaque Fourie 25333 x
    a6ea28816f065a8e47696ece03b2c3ee.big Isa Nacewa 25598 x
    12f033ac8b9f855d88a0e45eda0383e2.big D.Vickerman 2589 x
    d31868a2fbb545d054ac340c1a492152.big Steve Thompson 25898 x
    dce420932510b39d5a78d7059710c6d1.big Kevin Maggs 2598 *
    85940b73e6ecdd57f0441e7091eed082.big J.Rokocoko 25996 x
    bdf5cb889009a126cb55e2011cab8cbd.big Neil de Kock 26018 x
    b78a0f9647f9caddc8370a1107024618.big Olivier Magne 26052 x
    8340e7e659bf34c1b9f31d929e28edf1.big Serge Betsen 2607 x updated
    ae923eb0f483caac62b6288365c29f67.big Simon Taylor 26173 x
    a264e97f82d181eb2996b716c9a25d7c.big AJ Venter 2623 x
    270099f33ba22ef263de6b1d59b6e991.big David Lyons 26362 x
    e07eb5ae658da0d0e228db1bda281443.big Bill Young 26488 x
    342a7af4bf34c496c1111cf1b5291036.big Tom Shanklin 26679 x
    04649e17e39c5155513e0365223510ee.big Adam Freier 26777 x
    89b2bef046334a6f727b728c74ba1b8b.big caucasian Reserve 2 26946
    8647e563bbab9a98c81c18ca1210235d.big Morgan Turinui 26962 x
    b5ebff78376d617681fb894c7c88c921.big Simon Cross 27067 x
    2cdc3fa0661150df086ccb9acf669e57.big Martin Corry 27109 x
    caad8fcaa5306e24604cd35077fc3a92.big Derik Houggard 27352 x
    6cbdee88270a7d33735e2fcafb12706d.big Carlos Spencer 27446 x
    af404738de26f8be44a038397c0d5149.big Ben Tune 27529 *
    607c4f526a9eb7cdb5c983df01b246cc.big Tom Rees 27594 x
    22c7a0774554f57af689cfa0d846dda6.big Aian average 22 27611
    e55f9cb78338a9e1df46144e16c3e34e.big Greg Somerville 27644 x
    f27e3134cfee72116668241322a98c5e.big B.McCarthy 27663 ?
    9075e14f6e5a76ca62e3d95e2b5d022c.big A.Williams 28009 x
    a6884218d3a00ff6264f5dd2dca51237.big Hanyani Shimange 28022 *
    b33ddebb5a99785b8c23439668bced8c.big Gary Botha 28053 x
    305e03e4ba50034a3898c3edea9be6b3.big Tasesa Lavea 28074 x
    7249bc2de948d91518e6550aa3f61a5d.big Will Greenwood 28082 *
    72651777371cc67dee7459000d7dc0e4.big Matt Giteau 28145 x updated
    565d26c03125277c078bc5fe9fbcd1c6.big Agustin Pichot 28321 x
    93dc981961a2e562e96cdda0a33ccf5d.big Mark Cueto 28476 x
    eb26f114501810b897be9185ea817791.big Paul Griffen 28503 x
    fdbe8537e4dfb2e4d355919d416be1c5.big Api Neavo 28570 x
    828e078b08195f4ec5fd96230694324a.big Stephen Jones 28633 x
    2f719cf0ef5c128c84f5cb12af1f5bf1.big K.Brown 28689 x
    a14ae82b2ddbc4283dff46ba54752659.big Cameron Shepherd 28768 x
    c2876f16ab136507ccdd0cd338d42774.big Chris Cusiter 28773 x
    f1febe1635ae7a34fcb0fe51a102f9cc.big Hugh Vyvyan 288 x
    2c1462c9b5953e62ed43ef3d2fbc6487.big C.Heffler 29087 *
    311cb9b47e9499ee0ca5162d965498aa.big Marty Holah 292 x
    d0bf045c09981758c397f96ed3b243ed.big Breyton Paulse 29221 x
    daa1960fbc38171b9126df399d7f2e8b.big Johannes Conradie 29271 x
    a5d047c99b553fe91fa3fa24e3f5c6ac.big M.James 29309 x
    9d03327f65fa38af365c90576ccebc4f.big Brent Russell 29445 x
    061eed940403b8a99543fb94d4f94ced.big Sebastien Chabal 29510 x updated
    1b449bb4b7b41b65f460fb3b74ceacb8.big Anthony Horgan 29565 x
    61fe965b5d741c0355abf340966185bd.big Peter Hewat 29658 x
    5de52ab39c6ca4bee127da8f524c426b.big Freddie Michalak 29704 x updated
    24a0ebd567508658ed1c80a886088690.big Lewis Moody 29815 x
    117357209278ca1bd145989b36ee9aa3.big Tani Fuga 29873 * face is wrong
    6794c628bb850fae6d050e58b28a4110.big Gareth Thomas 30080 x
    ffee29fbf02ccecf748b51e0c7e8e908.big Jerome Thion 30109 x
    c184516155dbc6ab1e1bb73a9edf1802.big Matt Burke 30145 *
    21701b9df6acae5afcf0189ef9c444c8.big Ben Evans 30180 *
    3687e5ce89e83da899736f263944b739.big Peter Stringer 30188 x
    80eeca22d05371066b199eaf678446d0.big James Simpson Daniel 30212 x
    6a522e0114d00afe9db640c476dec58f.big M.Gerrard 3033 x
    46ddd86eb146176e10471a1b588a913d.big Mark Taylor 30422 ?
    ae79b9e9c2f06a2bd1a6e43a77048c16.big Tone Kopelani 30502 x
    65950b9a75a9473e49f858bed6b6a767.big Gordon Ross 30523 x
    0b0a31ca4e98db485150ef3f27d3e7cf.big caucasian Reserve 23 30524
    867099062142d704883d721497323d90.big Gordon D'Arcy 30527 x
    cd0802299510b9f78f9d1f8da6973d78.big Hal Luscombe 30548 x
    f9879d57a4e5a9c90e7bef99d6211271.big Julien Laharrague 30568 x
    2a405b44551ad67dc34901cdeb15c453.big Gethin Jenkins 3065 x
    6efa7d27a4f08f07e6d463fffc9e9ef4.big Lionel Nallet 30792 x
    cb408b76255442d92d434b8844ce575a.big Damien Traille 30833 x
    ab84d0afb22dec22d9d26aefb0d01a15.big Leon Macdonald 30877 x
    bf503d50443fe8d332cbd5c9f77b530a.big Denis Hickie 31003 x
    002ace43bd0b793f6e09f1ed6a58a97d.big Anthony Foley 31060 x
    d8ce2b6d91f46802434c95643fd5a8ce.big Michael Owen 31203 x
    8034334a11c6ba245e15d3619bf51e08.big Nathan Sharpe 31240 x
    b6df77c044fca3b6ccf4ff201c7d3ff9.big Gaffie du Toit 31601 x
    195d7eace536c215645a3df1a13e0d75.big De Wet Barry 3169 x
    ba21a92c60961c289a9bda6f272b17af.big caucasian Reserve 27 31920
    b1f66b716388dbbda5d894a73760c4ee.big caucasian Reserve 13 31923
    0b23bf530f54df918b0c5254b1a3b9cd.big Brian Liebenberg 31928 x
    c36af7d43397d7033e10d369097b79fe.big Victor Matfield 31981 x
    6fd6f2449a5b5ea681991acdc52b748a.big Dafydd Jones 32168 x
    f2219635c8965894916b996b1e03e523.big Matt Cairns 32439 x
    961c8f737ce38ce88f87adc4a1c1893e.big Sebastien Chabal 32525 x updated (there is two game files for chabal)
    ecd2186c4f8ed6da3cefa99711c8dce5.big John Roe 32591 ?
    70c9210c9c05e5ddac6b8f39eb99e415.big Andrea Lo Cicero 32604 x
    37caa54f7a162e2e951d377654eaee1b.big Junior Pelesasa 32609 x
    cf92896bbed502a8c9ffc1d7b28bf59e.big Mark Chisholm 32662 x
    eecae68056c48ee5b1f85a6d080e1e06.big Steve Kefu 32702 x
    9f4e9e1198b1b2676cdc4e8a14813d90.big Lee Mears 32707 x
    25847cba6fedc7c2c1920498fe48524e.big Mefin Davies 32745 x
    cb7e8075ab34693e6036d0dfc2744ebc.big Shane Drahm 330 x
    f82af9de06c01462db83575995aee3b1.big caucasian Average 42 3343
    9b6b1207b34e475cf805c7713327ebd7.big Hall Charlton 3351 x
    1169f440eb049b3fc5870c18b4c51bf7.big L.Tuqiri 3434 x
    a4bdd658de02e755f91071addbbd837f.big Pepito Elhorga 3487 x
    71a16ee276c52537dfa45da4f4bd5795.big Jono Gibbes 3557 x
    07b44eff5d78b59b52271e9c9a5953cc.big Imanol Harinordoquy 3625 x
    f530e7be2d90174e9523f7e86ac535ae.big Danie Rossouw 3730 x
    5af5e3d2928631075977f6347c4cd067.big D.O'Callaghan 3737 x
    f480bc85e439004108bda20e452b5e77.big S.Sivivatu 3753 x
    b85d93da15bf01207d91e86ab8cfb5d5.big Al Baxter 3788 x
    c6495e4b1076693395e00ebc4881441e.big Florian Fritz 3822 x
    507b0469cf46fe99334b8e809737f695.big S.Mortlock 3829 x
    b78b8b6fc70095d42a8ddb63be19162a.big Alex King 3855 x
    abd450020916b45d8c90d81ea7cb2ee8.big Dave Hewett 3902 ?
    eca386fa003db588d1895ec5c3d0631f.big A.Evans 3925 ?
    11215ffa58672feeede270b066d9a5e7.big Nick Evans 406 x updated
    e60c4b532721b83fb616e97aa3b7b801.big caucasian Reserve 4 41
    da428bd3be1f9926778f39d65b01c1c6.big Black average 17 41000
    97f51f27a42d326647508ca0581e1b09.big Black average 10 41001
    b6033c07955a5d75444e582534acd541.big A Higgins 41002 ?
    e515d355faaa04ec017973a8c727f7f0.big 41003
    6dad754708d5dd65c1565581a29f8785.big Aian average 15 41004
    8277a1f3cfb6b026900144a2541c3106.big Black average 5 41005
    46f5061ff636288e24e28ae673ba7e9a.big Black resverve 1 41006
    ab8273eff5096e1e6353523d2bc11e6f.big Black average 6 41007
    4b23da949b87b0da53c62d7c063d54c2.big Aian Reserve 4 41008
    8f70cfc8589ddcfc7b7fefaf183b7217.big 41009
    a1079407862b9820b8de1ba24465bc93.big Aian average 12 41010
    35b6484aa91c570afc92ed19e2c65e73.big Black average 18 41011
    efcdd74b1c405f40720e09d9010a942d.big Aian average 4 41012
    d91e17c7404de8c3e30087618bdeb757.big Aian average 16 41013
    2e9a0d115a03b9264dd60d817f41cf0d.big Aian average 18 41015
    d1649942386ae0604f2db58ae4525d23.big 41016
    9929911af5dd715b33a5ec947baee9b2.big Black average 9 41017
    e4c13932c95c4d687af789ae8ca4c179.big Black resverve 2 41018
    6e2ca4d129b7f2692f9b77773c4b01d5.big Aian average 26 41019
    2e19bf0c56937617dac96695d1f1bd7e.big Black average 14 41020
    35d89c63e262c025ccd7ae7ffe64adcf.big 41023
    1d6fb368e154bbd23bdf1a688281189a.big Aian average 11 41024
    5d35d5b79b8a904c27689afea313f8df.big Aian average 17 41027
    eb8561e65ed97b900e559d499112cc7a.big Aian Reserve 2 41028
    fb096d8e83d091887b342ba5bc116fa7.big Aian average 21 41029
    7a61bf22e4e7dba445af0c8bc90cbd57.big 41030
    7e4a001fa4898d19ee401838e8bd1b82.big 41031
    e1c5fe4af97bc440d1e0af092ffd2b6f.big Aian best head 1 41032
    8e074e7248a7d1f4ff1ccc6241028742.big Aian average 23 41033
    c19ca05b6ff2f03f233880f316df582b.big Aian Reserve 1 41034
    b99e39996ebe6dbe659ea276fe908083.big 41035
    d910602d6c54aede6987aa63a2ed9ce4.big 41036
    42bea77577deb3ebad0500c72f6e0093.big Aian average 3 41039
    0a73bcd88103cc42eee11ee96693a943.big caucasian Reserve 15 41040
    793be7be0f4b28791cf44967f25d1568.big caucasian Average 7 41041
    6a62f5d9c05087c0750226c318bb3b04.big caucasian Average 8 41042
    359511dd2c928f4fabc81050281d7c66.big caucasian Reserve 9 41043
    04b2ed060bbd79ab3b41b7c04ab76e06.big caucasian Average 41 41044
    951488b041b819b870838287701b1876.big caucasian Reserve 20 41045
    085dd630751f54d15168a0e6f0e4ac36.big caucasian Reserve 6 41046
    6794b622341c1ca63c7342c582cf6ac6.big caucasian Reserve 7 41047
    fbce7ec3a27fd9f32ac0e9fde4feceda.big caucasian Average 9 41048
    e16fab1c0928f490f23dae0e46813e08.big caucasian Average 10 41049
    df4d2cc1862007d1749de319a0cd8b7a.big caucasian Reserve 11 41050
    2e19acf362634fcdb9b23b47dd04955b.big caucasian Reserve 24 41051
    579d8ca09a164cc6bce0706ddb30f790.big caucasian Reserve 21 41052
    c815c8b275248f3450227ce872aa7903.big caucasian Average 19 41053
    60c5197cbfa450057dcbb7dc15ee383f.big 41054
    d2977b2773f64d31b8ee3769cfd7012e.big caucasian Average 2 41055
    201f3141ef35dad2bafd50733af54b7a.big caucasian Reserve 1 41056
    ddd57299bed1dcd7ad59733523f0c6f6.big caucasian Average 4 41057
    abe1d716dca68cbd05be9129c83c44c8.big caucasian Average 1 41058
    d0b6f483ec12156c3ccafe606ab18200.big caucasian Average 6 41060
    fe436447fde90d2468ffcc0d570d0eb7.big caucasian Average 5 41061
    08f79aed592d8d0f8385e047951586fe.big caucasian Average 33 41068
    f61dbbcada8826c9bcce1dadb7a7ec88.big caucasian Reserve 25 41069
    9effe095404100b073a34da0fe2f6a2e.big caucasian Average 34 41070
    29bd6a7ff3c4cbbdd278349b29eae0dc.big Romain Teulet 41071 x
    100f3bc7c234669737ca47a0bc57c5a7.big caucasian Average 35 41072
    516445be861aa12857f92e46a0a2ca5c.big Dan Parks 41074 x ( use face from 06 to update?)
    ff2702e4124fe65b5168ced27d8358f1.big caucasian Average 36 41075
    a983120b76f4029276c00dbe6658cf4f.big caucasian Average 37 41077
    4d46e41b678f1da5dcb5f2bd2ed3311f.big caucasian Average 38 41078
    626fbf6bb5e80a161d37b28eed21543d.big caucasian Average 39 41081
    2b4188921d4d1d4b0a5a6bede114fca0.big caucasian Average 40 41083
    51218a757baee5ff96cf6f45327ed03f.big Chris Rossouw 41084 *
    b05613723a500e354a8adff5f69b8a6d.big caucasian Reserve 28 41085
    54b5762000e332a496db95f0560577e4.big maori reserves 2 41086
    5de551e5e15ec965a1b28af97a8affa5.big maori_average 1 41087
    91caa0bbae1c55cb9f71189b555d5e84.big maori reserves 1 41088
    d807ab461d540ca1e1e0e63261202ab2.big maori_average 2 41092
    33dcade1980df1b4b1f63177ee2767b6.big maori_average 3 41093
    38b225be82fa21b8ae7d2bff896035ef.big 41094
    c8d61c6d75f956d18a1c7dbdc69c5186.big 41095
    ece8fd605441dc7df40cddbfacec78a4.big Black average 1 41096
    1203ceb765e2778a162f9e173a59e928.big Black average 2 41097
    ff72fe4c3c5b4731497ccef6bc35ba77.big Black average 11 41098
    0c30e90acf4731a4b61e763018133add.big Black average 3 41099
    ae45018132ebaedd4ad528d9ef397aea.big Black average 4 41100
    e51b570daa64765ec094b31403344fef.big 41101
    4214de205f8f90bc4015f97b9b73602c.big Black resverve 3 41102
    29a0047ce1233dcba82e0c98e5640a6e.big Black average 19 41103
    ac585c84d91749790a75f91b1b0d7a09.big Black average 20 41104
    1e743053b2aa3235f17edacae0bc7881.big Black average 13 41105
    d0432d4b52f75eabf8ff437a3a44d086.big 41107
    6fe1470e36563bf27f972cdecfc3a44d.big 41108
    82eb870940b29eeababfdfd42400ba77.big Black average 8 41109
    83a69309b3fab7fe1af53cd992a0a79b.big 41110
    4fa9df73aea1e5bca17cc7fac17f2565.big 41111
    31bb6a2a6d357dd3a4b5a040e5006048.big Aian average 13 41112
    c085963cae3effbea2ad2d2ebcd963b6.big Black average 15 41113
    e7c1272288840e233740bddd2b65edba.big Aian average 2 41114
    f9785f1dd0579303765b5f8d170ba13c.big 41115
    14591677d64e8da5c018b6c2a2a9c89f.big Black average 12 41116
    1af29ee5b748a094e919c4fba8fd3692.big Aian average 30 41118
    5839b3ef76e145a70942a7750da24dd4.big Aian average 14 41119
    1e3ab013a913e7f364bfdd468c2318ae.big Aian average 9 41120
    76a211bd3d7f8227f873dc0996607d02.big Aian average 28 41122
    234b69bcbdb417d44acaddb6c268b2f1.big Aian average 29 41123
    92d9422ab0be6ed07afb2643032ac87c.big Aian Reserve 3 41124
    902fc20e679e32157bc77546b5a029bf.big Aian Reserve 5 41125
    78f57d3ebd01873fcc076ff9531c7dfc.big Aian average 19 41126
    12ed76df948558cc7a6146edd8524e9c.big Aian average 10 41127
    4842397e0f6e00d237b2693512bec2f2.big 41128
    d241e15219b3b2b3beb0c9a7da0a9fbb.big Aian average 5 41129
    e3bce80d647606af6cd0567cef036306.big caucasian Reserve 19 41130
    733e11844de01dc15252ad0098cf017a.big caucasian Reserve 10 41131
    bbe8011d1f321f7a9e6d30d3f208ae8e.big caucasian Reserve 26 41132
    369574b7b6ff31587c01c87dedebd543.big caucasian Average 15 41133
    250c86d1d7dbd5a39e392e78c3e1f9f5.big caucasian Average 18 41134
    4cc65092de30379a77989aa2d45f8184.big caucasian Reserve 17 41135
    f009388c580d381a88949b7f8e11a23c.big caucasian Reserve 22 41137
    d2c8137d2ced539e5d74e736a4b56210.big caucasian Reserve 16 41139
    fc6c0255389b0657dbc46aaf86d699a6.big caucasian best Hb Head 14 41140
    60fbd7fa42dedf03eb9396b38150100d.big 41142
    06198fe674aa521e7e72e6d681bab9af.big caucasian Reserve 5 41143
    b37ec2935154a5fa02b69a447fc3b8c8.big caucasian best New head 1 41144
    9496b45e66cb3c6e9c86672950bdb049.big caucasian best New head 2 41145
    24b10bb8cbdbb1eb8424686635b66d93.big caucasian best New head 3 41146
    4216952aeb340247a2054c11b267d72d.big caucasian best New head 4 41147
    0c83c073d086b81e1ebb24fe60b9ca0d.big caucasian best New head 5 41148
    9f04b10c147bd44258a68cea5ed959f2.big caucasian best New head 6 41149
    759bd7f0d08cb1550b61ba2b4a3b8dfe.big caucasian best New head 7 41150
    e9b44730404c4565c2fb4104f71d63b6.big caucasian best New head 8 41151
    924510f085412953776004c5898712f1.big caucasian best New head 9 41152
    33795795e16ffba6c92165621e83da41.big caucasian best New head 10 41153
    85dca34f21906b3a1ca0b959d3a0b61d.big caucasian best New head 11 41154
    3399e3d812cad5ed27b02333614ec211.big caucasian best New head 12 41155
    0c275232c253274dcfa4235b145ff500.big caucasian best New head 13 41156
    90984a769616ef890182e532b9ae855c.big caucasian best New head 14 41157
    d3b969284bfdb4d1d13f2aa64c13fc9f.big caucasian best New head 15 41158
    8f29988aea813ac2b37c23546dc439df.big caucasian best New head 16 41159
    dc90167e08ae984377f37f45a40ea6dc.big caucasian best New head 17 41160
    bc599fcf9324255d2f7132885087be45.big caucasian best New head 18 41161
    9439129da18a3fd28a369e9eb88e22ac.big caucasian best New head 19 41162
    fa518ca4c8e514bdcfb56e17c6eb1043.big caucasian best New head 20 41163
    3cf04432204a4217de124c5681cbb35f.big black best new 1 41164
    d04ef3aeb569d013613b49c10408826f.big black best new 2 41165
    042c9dc811c0e560dfd1225662ce4b66.big black best new 3 41166
    aa5c0694d81a16db12b9f3eae34e5652.big black best new 4 41167
    2ff0620056a72a9fbd317d24f4c7eaaa.big black best new 5 41168
    4bd5a51f9e12296fbbe46f3a1c8b8de8.big black best new 6 41169
    f7f12f23fa601f023065018b1f3ccfe7.big black best new 7 41170
    d12ae7820d5887dbb2319ac2e98da11f.big black best new 8 41171
    ee7fa6272dfbbb8941e036cc08c47d47.big black best new 9 41172
    eb275fd03c9a50f9996a57428749050b.big black best new 10 41173
    2441c90bba8eb880f9b5826de85dc66d.big black best new 11 41174
    fad7dde52621da79dd8883834f9e12fd.big black best new 12 41175
    7295af66e00391b7418889c87f4076bb.big black best new 13 41176
    3bb55bb0225fe76a3fe9125ccc76b0c9.big black best new 14 41177
    4e5eae8c5dcfbc14cd999a2f542a8b5e.big black best new 15 41178
    513c63706b893c97589f7f7fcab6bd85.big Aian best New head 1 41179
    25fbfda55fe2990dce128fc9ef039dda.big Aian best New head 2 41180
    bd39279f1a796afe477a42e96f55d6a4.big Aian best New head 3 41181
    bea6e2f8e29175af9d764fc864d74103.big Aian best New head 4 41182
    1782adfe7f869a2d7352b4ffc60a02f3.big Aian best New head 5 41183
    1ff921b4070673f9c277177a4788bd10.big Aian best New head 6 41184
    02e55f6677c073c8a9198b85dff72c37.big Aian best New head 7 41185
    80f437adce4ba248893585a2ccf69e62.big Aian best New head 8 41186
    eecb08b667276c572cf894774775cdfa.big Aian best New head 9 41187
    cc5f5433d1bffeff4ed71bb94a4e380a.big Aian best New head 10 41188
    b35f01dbd348cdcb241b409b3f9a7506.big Aian best New head 11 41189
    b1c75c491879beb16f72e4d67e51645e.big Aian best New head 12 41190
    9da05487266d383d6d63d0cc3fafd1f6.big Aian best New head 13 41191
    a7b84e27226e2e7bcb7506108f08af67.big Aian best New head 14 41192
    d8a1e574bc0746100a60f0af739b0ef4.big Aian best New head 15 41193
    b472169866ffea34bbef2fe3127df5f9.big maori best New head 1 41194
    b25a968b9402261c4d8437ffd70c4413.big maori best New head 2 41195
    9a30bb49df2b1e437a1cc850abac7aa8.big maori best New head 3 41196
    faddfcc3e425c335fb22daf1d7d3c166.big maori best New head 4 41197
    56afb054a7a5ce0c03bbc6f947b104c5.big maori best New head 5 41198
    4cbcdecae88c82a361c7fcd6dd9e7bff.big maori best New head 6 41199
    a7d375cda33072792618620a06c90363.big maori best New head 7 41200
    5b53f9172113911a2fd84034bd75b305.big maori best New head 8 41201
    d0af2d433a87378ed0441338301a4ce3.big maori best New head 9 41202
    0806922bdd0f0576e5229c2635823cc5.big maori best New head 10 41203
    a64dcb116262d6916237a82b3d21f8b0.big maori best New head 11 41204
    4b723a833d825dbf9084d2ecb77d2293.big maori best New head 12 41205
    c81df6a7e43589cf369d3f6ce1c0bb17.big maori best New head 13 41206
    3627dcd3921bf1b85458a831d4a04698.big maori best New head 14 41207
    f05228465b75c4885535740bf6113553.big maori best New head 15 41208
    a1fff0286aa38459a8e6fb74bf80819e.big Andrew Hore 41209 *
    2a7c1450b8efa8dac2d671a6a9669784.big Louis Deacon 41210 x
    8275348209d3ed97889235015e4a5e5f.big Magnus Lund 41211 x
    ce892e7d261b03c88a48f6105309aca3.big Michael Lipman 41212 x
    21e6b1b63e6ecc61ed9b2f7d30d50d4a.big Shaun Perry 41213 x
    28f533b94acec756b98b8ecac501a6e7.big Tim Payne 41214 x
    dc3fa98b9a61a50046e18ae41a927295.big Wycliff Palu 41215 x
    2aa2b12baec4ce4c70831edd7a38039e.big Perry Freshwater 41216 x
    b0100a0a415b7dc0706ea38b7e821f08.big Dan Ward Smith 41217 x
    cdc16a2310183d6c58e12da83363dd0c.big P.De Villiers 4213 x
    724ab4ed60e12bccd173fb0b697a1951.big Terry Fanolua 4324 x
    cc8da31b82889d01c65c9fa4130b7f59.big Sean Lamont 4380 x
    e05aceea3d0263a4541928878709070f.big Victor Scholtz (referee) 45000
    b9451012625105296c500b7c2984e8f1.big Steve Smith (referee) 45001 45001
    8fee93d194de19802f8db9813cb2f036.big Gerry Maher (referee) 45002
    9554f1f957d92c30606cf2c9fd71902f.big Pierre Dubois (referee) 45003
    2c5072037c33261584cd151feb8697a4.big Eddit Foskett (referee) 45004
    f8fc341286000cf938926c285e8fffef.big Brett Shaw (referee) 45005 45005
    61ce2b05e92b71389fe1a4570f1957b5.big caucasian best Hb Head 1 45006
    22ed61f19543515943442b0b97d43c85.big caucasian best Hb Head 2 45007
    5891c9363cf90bc56ecee9105724bec6.big caucasian best Hb Head 3 45008
    b5aaf84fdcb174127a02cc8b2983317d.big caucasian best Hb Head 4 45009
    df1ec7e6625400b9bafbec98ccd28460.big caucasian best Hb Head 5 45010
    820849d53cae8b2b30ed45b9f301995b.big caucasian best Hb Head 6 45011
    cd682718670c109c44be356ebe2a65fc.big caucasian best Hb Head 7 45012
    6a934c5bcb3937ec0308fd60235f3e08.big caucasian best Hb Head 8 45013
    5a08db1e4c9bbf7e84078beead06b7f6.big caucasian best Hb Head 9 45014
    46968aa5c5c4aa911fe3d97895631527.big caucasian best Hb Head 10 45015
    197f3355bf66811bb60a26714201f9af.big caucasian best Hb Head 11 45016
    4ad4744ba8ea47ca852f8c2dc3478fc1.big caucasian best Hb Head 12 45017
    4891f2bf3a83371964a71e6325b45a09.big caucasian best Hb Head 13 45018
    f93fabef7bb3d5bb4a6c10357844f79b.big David Holwell 4639 x
    fb65c3b31d9f73a308285c84aad059d7.big Brusque/Andress/Roncero 4675 x no one if this is roncero
    3f5eed70768319a83edf02883aa03b3a.big Miller/Best 4686 x which best though.. neil, rory or simon?
    b55c47646f6c90166fbafcb724d2dd78.big Robert Sidoli 4693 x
    1d5bca0854fa5ea449aca985d65bb9e9.big Sergio Parisse 475 x
    4f88fe399c5287903c52cc4832d824a7.big Christian Cullen 4827 *
    2a73eb9a89395fa09cee060952fdd228.big Wendell Sailor 491 *
    e1208237a9b57aa8b0d260ead65e729b.big Dwayne Peel 4919 x
    e061af4cd8c316dfbe891c8a444773a3.big Andy Farrell 4966 x
    c3d6a2e8ab88ff9cf566d9dd98502bc9.big Aian average 24 5049
    45284a93a8a9cd7e10443641cf36300d.big David Hill 5075 x
    0874a1e9a4a8ff22414dd630aa24d2bd.big Alex Brown 540 x
    97c176427743370fe2dab02bcf4f525f.big Ignacio Fernandez Lobbes 5535 x
    fbd3eb13076cfd467bc57597e06f951e.big C.Latham 5601 x
    5aa0420a5a0dcf8a355e44fd91207c5f.big J.Sheppard 5602 ?
    cdd6b7f830f5cfc27a07157938425ccc.big Mike Catt 5662 x
    c1226f4cb3fd3e37978ea847bd284c50.big Colin Charvis 5686 x
    8589d975ceb4878d16e5ee9593f7a78e.big Tana Umaga 5705 *
    c598143dcb700e458273bb2c98e3db5d.big Martyn Williams 5841 x
    26f1d8de8731318b60bf41aeb3c894ad.big Henry Paul 5945 *
    42d747aca59397b3f46d7ff4e6eac387.big A.Henderson 607 x
    aef184be53ba1fb42c23cfedc42a9d74.big Iestyn Thomas 6193 * ?
    008f6d964f6835822d68b28e50bfd40c.big Ronan O'Gara 6202 x
    9cb91c63b05ad6278985c94e3c2c4549.big Matt Dunning 6270 x
    92d0b67448ce0415edf20eaeaba7e8a7.big Solly Tybilika 6287 x
    12d0b444a93fbd230520675f3d56c850.big Lawrence Dallaglio 637 x
    fc6a7ec017d770d61fdf36c945c09da6.big Ma'a Nonu 6422 x
    3df679dcece3bb032227eaa546d86d57.big Gavin Henson 6538 x updated
    563ba3c16ae6880b63c5eb86292d2b17.big Danny Grewcock 6541 x
    991ec78366b7ae6349216ef0c5e741d5.big Nicky Little 662 x
    256c917a489b9be7d01d0029a763034c.big Mr Crash 666 ????
    dbe46c0a726b43bfb26e2dd6e520b075.big James McLaren 6704 ?
    da0db917c3c10da10f6a0305fbbe5540.big Frekkie Welsh 6747 x
    feac6b4555eee7028427450e4b484554.big Alun-Wyn Jones 6816 x
    1e87539bded6a684533e823c32da79e5.big Trevor Leota 6962 *
    139f57739075fd1a278a8248c8d18c98.big Joe Worsley 7085 x
    30bdddcb6016bcdf402be13b4d380b7d.big Graham Rowntree 7200 *
    3719f16ac49d183aba8313931492a5ec.big Simon Easterby 7208 x
    b866417473bb4b183f59b1050455a0d1.big Ricardo Loubscher 7372 x
    8613bed6e9aa17799c9168b8ee6b36cf.big Black average 16 7391
    7ad309b401979ace6d347f9c6c9a3f64.big Nathan Grey 7441 *
    933dce63293ac3957cb9c3feac9820b5.big Vincent Clerc 7479 x updated
    845812c930f27171a24aa494b0b0351d.big Reuben Thorne 757 x
    1c96947e46ff1498e47d7bb749d8aad6.big Enrico Januarie 7619 x
    093b7db8760dd075b37d2a9f14f457ee.big Josh Blackie 7636 x
    60a034b97a74a2a5b803b26e036bd4a3.big Anton Oliver 778 x
    5261c32cadcbe11c726cbe0d764151c8.big J.Crossland 7864 *
    d9b1a62ebf9f3889a9c17ccf7ee45b0c.big Trevor Woodman 788 *
    df0a170345fa4a71d548183c99f5e594.big Selbourne Boome 8177 ?
    7a9380b3c9ef377aa56621e4d70c6cc4.big C Jantjies 8184 x
    858799906bbc49ed6d6a113667d8d62f.big Dean Hall 8616 ?
    d235a17ed698d4c46584acf00422c8d7.big Seru Rabeni 8723 x
    3aef408c0d4b4deee9db909d9d3ac9cc.big S.Larkham 8759 x
    977fa4d7170a5c0726e44c40cb97921f.big caucasian Reserve 3 8826
    7a261c595eb37fbd07bb83c57258bf76.big Eddie Andrews 9058 *
    9def5e33ac78684499c5a2cc1eb8284c.big Thomas Lievremont 911 x
    30095641ce4fcd6d61fff4041b098037.big Perrae/Hernandez 9168 * not sure who this is
    d1b60256ba9e8d6ba2c15a587c9eb433.big Simon Danielli 9232 x
    083d81a5f9d2138426b77060a994e378.big Aian average 6 9464
    576ef97cdd9acd810ce643b4e6c7403d.big Andy Hazell 9762 x
    750c6ab500da99045be4808ea2e72e71.big Benn Blair 9961 x
    239940298bb1635c91078d5649711da1.big Robin McBryde 9990 *
  14. uli85

    uli85 Guest

    It would be better if we put the new faces and wich existing faces they replace, as i put it on my list. This way we will know wich faces are made and wich faces are used in the MUP roster. In a future we could modify the faces index and put the replaced faces to see their names in Woosaah's Editor.
    What do you think guys?
  15. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Yeah your list is great, i didnt add to my list, i just wanted to post a complete list so we can all see exactly how many faces we can overwrite etc.
  16. uli85

    uli85 Guest

    I know, nice work :) . But i'm talking about a final list with all the replaced faces made by me, kabezon, matt, ross, etc. and to be updated when new faces come out
  17. xusky

    xusky Guest

    An update of the faces I have used so far if someone is making the list:

    51218a757baee5ff96cf6f45327ed03f.big is Isia Toeava, replaces Chris Russow. Assign to: 41084

    26f1d8de8731318b60bf41aeb3c894ad.big is Jimmy Cowan, replaces Henry Paul. Assign to: 5945

    092cadca8bddae32029fa86455b8e9e8.big is Brendon Leonard, replaces Thomas Castaignede. Assign to: 11840

    f93fabef7bb3d5bb4a6c10357844f79b.big is Richard Kahui, replaces David Holwell Assign to: 4639

    2a73eb9a89395fa09cee060952fdd228.big is Jerome Kaino, replaces Wendell Sailor. Assign to: 491

    7ad309b401979ace6d347f9c6c9a3f64.big is Brad Thorn, replaces Nathan Grey. Assign to: 7441

    8589d975ceb4878d16e5ee9593f7a78e.big is Nema Tialata, replaces Tana Umanga. Assign to:5705

    b6033c07955a5d75444e582534acd541.big is Adam Thomson, replaces A Higgins. Assign to: 41002

    fdbe8537e4dfb2e4d355919d416be1c5.big is JP Pieterson, replaces Api Neavo. Assign to 28570

    21701b9df6acae5afcf0189ef9c444c8.big is Fracios Steyn, replaces Ben Evans. Assign to 30180

    Hope I haven't erased any used models.
  18. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I have updated the 1st page with a list of all faces being released/developed. I am slowly downloading them all into a folder to make one huge face modpack. You can then choose to install what you wish.
  19. xusky

    xusky Guest

    Good work mate, great idea. P.S. love your Sigs.
  20. steynboi

    steynboi Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Fa'atau82 @ Aug 13 2008, 06:08 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>

    i think it can bed one because for smackdown here comes the pain you could do that and add more entrance songs.
  21. xusky

    xusky Guest

    Anyone got a list made up yet with the new faces added, it seems I accidentally have copied over a few. Ross's Tito face also uses Chris Russow id, Sorry Ross very unintentional as I was going off the lists in this forum which says Chris Russow is not used. Also Thomas Castaignede which has been used for Uli's James Hook update. I thought Hook had a unique face id? I could be wrong. On my game I have Uli's Hook face set to 13648. therefore my Thomas Castaignede was free, which I then have used for Toeava.
    Thanks if anyone has an updated list.
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