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Dakbok's Rugby 08 Impressions



So yeah, I'm note sure how many of you guys out there have got it - but for those of you who don't, here's something to read.

My 10 cents worth:

Right so I got it, and couldn't wait to play it. Hope to my highest that I wouldn't be totally disappointed. Let me say one thing first - and that is that I'm not going to bother to go into technical smaller detail such as rosters etc etc etc.

My first impressions was that the menu screens have a fresh new feel, and all of the overlays and so on. Like they used to use coloured flags next to the score, in the top corner of the screen - if the team(s) weren't international. Now they have the actual logos in a nice sleek design.

I'm just noting big things that jumped out at me... Just keep that in mind.

Another thing that I thought was awesome, is that EVERY single team from the English "Magners League"? Have their home ground! Awesome!
Ireland also have a few new stadiums, so does Wales.
And Subiaco and Bloemfontein is in guys!!
France obviously have a **** loads of new ones. Georgia also have one, haha.

The new camera style -- I thought -- was f***ing awesome! It's not all locked into one side-to-side movement. For example if the ball is booted into the air - the camera zooms out and follows the ball. It looks totally rad. And I thought it played fine. Weird - as in new and different, but it didn't bug me.

Those were the biggies that jumped out at me.

The actual gameplay seems a little smoother and better. But the actions is still the same and so on, but you can definitely tell there has been improvements. The gameplay is virtually the same. Just a few new changes here and there such as the drop-kick and the scrum, and so on.

Guys, listen: Moral of the story is -- If you owned Rugby '06 and loved it - Get this game, dammit! It's definitely NOT a step down. See it as a refreshing upgrade.

That's all I'm saying.
it will be awesome when we start getting some updated rosters together and fixing eas mess
I agree, it's fresher and a little smoother/slicker. Typical year to year sports game stuff.
Oh, and I have to add that the AI is definitely more awake. They don't always do boring set-plays. They actually hit the middle, and I've also had loose forwards breaking loose and hitting a gap - running over two or three of my guys, haha.

It almost feels as if they actually want to take you on. Maybe they just drank some Redbull before the match...?

And the more and more I think about it, I really am digging the new drop-kick method/feature. It's different and weird at first, but once you get how it works, it's pretty interesting. Eg, you don't have to use an arch/arrow to guide your drop kicks. Making it easier for you to attempt drop goals from anywhere, as apposed to preferably trying to align your kicker up right in front of the posts to make it easier for yourself.

Nice stuff.

It's those little things guys. Those little things, that can either make or break the game. And in this game's case, those little things helped keep the game's head above water.