Daniel Vettori

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by Kimmy_The_Kiwi, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. He just won the New Zealand Cricketer of the year award for the 2nd year straight.
    And he deserves it.
    He's clearly been New Zealand's most consistant and best player.
    He's been my favourite player for about 4 or 5 years now, even before i fully understood the game of cricket :p
    He's a great captain also :)

    What are your thoughts on him??
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  3. My friends and the guys I know at the local lawn bowls club (yes I do play for the club), all reckon that if I put glasses on I look just like Daniel Vettori. The only difference being about 4-5 inches in height.
  4. Lol

    I always thought my brother kinda looks like him, they both wear glasses, and both play cricket :p...they both bowl....but my brother prefers pace bowling to spin bowling...damn brett lee *shakes fist*:p
  5. aye you play too! lawn bowls is awesome. the curving and the slamming and the bowling...

    and we play with real injuries. like broken hips and cancer.
  6. Lol lawn bowls is cool to watch, i watched some of it from the commenwealth games.

    NOW..back to the topic...DANIEL VETTORI...lol:p
  7. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

    That's twice in one night you've made me laugh out loud....

    Sorry, lol.

  8. Serge

    Serge Guest

    Vettori is one of the few real talents we have in cricket. Him and Bond are the only world class bowlers have and I hate to think of a world with out them. I would not compare him to past players but it is only a matter of time till that starts happeining. I still think though that he has never got back to his best since he got the whiplash on his head in Australia when he was jumping high for a catch on the boundary. I have a lot of time for this man. :)
  9. In a few years i think Jeetan Patel can be just as good. If we can produce more spin bowlers like Dan & Jeetan, we dont need to worry. But we do actually need to produce some more young talent imo.
  10. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    Dan will be around for years to come, its hard to think that he is only 27 (i am sure he has just turned 27 or he is still 26 one of the 2) He still has ALOT of cricket in him, he will definatly be one of the best all rounders in the world of cricket to come. Its still hard to see a world class spinner as an all rounder, but dan has done it.

    he still needs more time in the middle and to calm down a bit as well, to me he seams like he is in a hurry to score runs in test cricket, give him time.

    as for patel i dont rate him as a test bowler, and i think he will have trouble coming into the one day game now that the super sub has gone. I dont think he has had a bat to date and i think that is veery suspect. Look at the new zealand team, everyone except for martin (he can be excused he used to play in the 4th 11 for his school) has got a first class century. Patel doesnt have any kind of batting behind him at all. And as a bowler, i th ink he has yet to show us what he can do, he looks to much like a container than a wicket taker
  11. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    Dan Vettori is the MAN

    I hope he gets in the top 3 wicket takers of all time

    He's on his way........the way he is going now though.....he could go down with Sobers as an all rounder

    51.00 avg with the bat - now that is impressive

    and IMO u bat better the older u get.........more to come from the Vitamin himself
  12. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: very good :bravo:
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