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Danny Cipriani

I'd beat the tranny to a pulp and then kill my self samurai style to restore my familys honor.
A bit harsh considering it's a topical discussion about a tranny..apologies
You should elaborate more when you post, especially since you're a newbie. Short posts that seem pretty random are treated as spam and are deleted as such since people just spam ten posts to access the EA sports section. If this isn't the case, I apologize, if so I stand by my original point.
Just read this on Wikipedia, not sure if it's true or not:

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
He appeared on My Super Sweet 16 UK for MTV as a potential escort for one of the birthday girls, but didn't get picked. However, his team mate Dominic Waldouck was invited to the birthday party as a topless model. He was not mentioned by name but was seen in various shots.. In November 2007 he was reported as dating Monica Irimia of The Cheeky Girls fame. The News of the World later revealed that in 2008 he slept with model Larissa Summers(who has since gone on to star on Channel 4's Vanity Lair and is not actually a transsexual), and when Monica Irimia found out she dumped him[/b]

Well I don't know for sure, I just came across that on Wikipedia after telling a friend about the situation and looking for something to link him to. It could have been easily edited by Danny or someone working for him. But if she isn't a tranny after all, well... she's still a very manly looking woman.

I'd hit it. Assuming it is really a woman.
Look at the point to her box going down the stomach, I don't think that can be faked with surgery. Gotta be a lass, somewhat manly facial structure but that has gotta be a lass.

And yes I'd hit it too, several times.

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