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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jimmy44, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Hi there - does anyone know if a modder has created a decent gameplay improvement patch for rugby 2005? There are loads for cricket 2004 and 2005 but hardly anything for rugby.

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  3. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    dont bother
  4. esoj

    esoj Guest

    option 1- the best option
    the best one is start menu/settings/control panel-->add/remove programs-locate rugby 2005 and remove. put cd in box and sell on trademe to get $$$$ for nrl 2.

    option 2
    on a more serious note try uping the stats of the player to get a better challenge in single player. for mutliplayer play without the dive tackle.

    option 1. imo is the best option.
  5. BigTen

    BigTen Guest

    You could always play blind-folded. I find that challenging!
  6. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest


    or you could go back to playing WCR!!

    its fun with the wonderful ball physics and little grubbers behind the line to your winger....

    and terrible with.......
  7. BigTen

    BigTen Guest

    Ha-ha I was just joking. One thing that I really dislike about rugby 2k5 and that is the lack of tactics. I mean even rugby2k4 had the option of backs, forward or mixed. The next version simply must have the option of adjusting strategy and tactics.

    Another thing that I want is the ability to do draw passes. By this I mean holding down the pass button will result in the selected intended recipient of the pass starts running into the gap. Get the timing right and the player will break the line. Too late and the pass is forward or the passer gets smashed by the defence and too early and the player receives a hospital pass or has no where to go.

    Being able to adjust tactics would certainly add a bit more playability to the game. Not that I am knocking it totally - it is still the best rugby game out there but it has some way to go until being the real deal.
  8. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    It's a better game the more you play it after you have played it beyond when you didn't like it...if that makes sense...does to me as has worked exactly that way.

    - Put 90 players into the relevant teams - by this stage you will have probably two, maybe three main stayer tournaments you go to regularly....for me it is the super 12 and the world cup...

    I have thus pumped up and filled the gaps/put the strongest teams out for the Crusaders, Bulls, Chiefs, Highlanders, Stormers, Blues and ACT.....Then I play as the Hurricanes who are and my friend have created each other with medium stats and play on either wing - we convene once a wekk and play co-op against the cpu on a world cup or a super 12....needless to say he has slowly got up to scratch in terms of the level the game is now being played at.....

    In our last super 12 tournament we lost to the crusaders in the final with a heartbreaking late 50 metre try to Koonwayoo (99,100,99 etc) who clean stepped the fullback....if you don't know what I am talking about, it is cos you haven't carefully and meticulously edited/created the necessary means to more or less create a brand new game. Trust me.

    Needless to say all quarter final worthy rugby sides have been pumped up as well (ox, wales, england, oz, sa etc etc) but NOT new zealand b/c that's who we play with of see!?

    if you are a serious gamer and you love sports games - this game can go to new heights after intensive training and experimentation:

    - box kick from half back to winger on the blind...regather.....right analogue step inside of fullback under the post...

    or this little beauty from our 2player semi against the Chiefs (a team we frequently lose to - pumped up Lauaki, pumped up Siti slicker, pumped up Hill, then the likes of randle etc to round it out)... bear in mind that these thigs are more or less regarded as impossible because perseverence and training are not the cornerstone of many gamers diets to be fair (their loss) =

    We perform a double cut inside our own 22 which sends my mate (literally him) through the line on a straight angled run, breaking into the backfield he puts through a punt with deft timing so that I (literally) am sent into a 70 metre side by side sprint down the touchline with Tagicakibau......we just burned side by side down after the ball as it bounced to and fro - we scream down into the ingoal as the dead ball chalk beckons...and yes it goes across the dead ball line..... my chest.

    - one try resulted in more than 25 passes being executed according to a younger onlooker.....

    I know all that sounds wanky etc and I can honestly say I don't give a flying f***eroo! It's the truth and I am confortable saying it. The game is better than anyone gives it credit for for the simple reason that most people don't put in 90 players and then improve the opposition and themselves in terms of game skill to a point where they can actually get what they wanted out of the game. I have played 600 games of it probably...and only NOW can I play rugby and truly enjoy it. Why? Becos all the things you always were angry about in this game are not an issue anymore:

    There are now:

    - occasional pop balls
    - short balls
    - cuts through the line
    - many grubbers, regathers, bombs, bombs and regathers in the ingoal
    - retrieving of kicks on the full even whilst controlling the player and all moves being chosen correctly from ruck and maul and scrum allowing both the game and the ai to behave morew normally.
    - wingers go for the kill and don't run infield anymore than you do - why? becos the ai recognises that they are now quick enough, big and bad enough and skilled enough to take you on....the ai was for a lack of a better explanation essentially just too scared to take you on before. I have seen cpu players run in 50 metre plus individual tries through defensive screens that had seemed impenetrable.
    - turnovers at the ruck and maul when isolated with out being penalised almost exactly like real rugby should work - the system you all complain about not being in the game....IS in the game.
    - Using all three line-out jumpers, getting much needed turnover ball at scrums by twisting or by jamming it in there etc etc etc.....
    - the skillful and useful and entierely realistic use of the soccerkick button in broken play.....something that CAN happen once you take the game to extremes....late in games against weak opposition we score tries that we have to pause and just laugh about for a while before resuming.
    - skillful interchange of longballs, pre passes (which work well) and short balls (can choose to be runner in support and change lines to score realistic tries that you wish you could save somewhwre they are so magical and previously unseen on this game) in combination to unlock defences etc......That centre gap against the level of skill in the backlines we face would be suicidal (you need great moves and support play to unlock them only) run sideways and angle and you can expect to cut in half, driven back or cough up and turn over the ball...if not all three.

    But no, no you are right - rugby 2005 sucks... [​IMG] - after 100 or so games (20 minute games I am referring to when I say 600+ I have played) and no editing it sucks....otherwise I believe people who say it still sucks after doing what I suggest don't seem to be too common round these parts. And bugger PC mods...I don't mean that...I mean 90 edited/ created players and a reselction of the important teams and a friend with above average hand to eye co-ordination who can see outside the square and learn fast is all you need.

    Rugby 2005 is now for me after 600 8.5/10 game.

    Put that in ya pipe, cos I want what you're already smoking.

  9. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Well done Los Lover! You seem to have taken the game and pushed the envelope. Be scary to see you in competition (online) if a footie game goes there and EVERYBODY is keen and competing.

    Do you have any tips for me? I still play against people but we use the no dive tackle rule.

    This box kick for the winger technique. I have heard of it but I am still not sure how to execute the kick.
  10. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    GG - you would no doubt whoop my ass on more than one occasion!!!!

    Even though Is ay all that - I must say that I have to play as the Hurricanes in single player to get any challenge and even then I took out the super 12 last week single player....although the final was 21-10 or something against ACT, they had beaten me convincingly in the round robin (my only loss) I guess, but back to the point I was still admittedly taking down the cats 59-0 and then the Bulls 63-7 in consecutive games....but that's why I like it - it can be very, very challenging, but the against a non act, blues, or crusaders unit - if you play out of your skin - you get the big result you were after.

    The box kick try involved the centre dragging in the winger and leaving the winger exposed on the short blind, and the fullback more central on the goal line (outside the 22 by about ten metres).....I saw it unfold and hit the ruck with weepu and immediately pulled the triangle kick angling it towards the touchline but insuch a way that I pulled back on it and then at the end forward in the opposite direction (I think that is right) to drop the angle and flight of the kick a little shorter than normal.......the kick popped over the forward pack and started rolling end over end towards the corner....kinikini was screaming dead straight along the touch...the fb was screaming across and - bang - the ball pulled out of its grubber and sat up straight into kini's arms...the fb paid the price of momentum..and kini ran it around amidst fits of laughter.


    The key to really, really good backline moves is the ability to (and you GG probably well know all this - I don't seek to patronize as you are a gaming ninja as I well know) interchange one's use of the pace button and angling the runner and thinking about each pass and the number of defenders etc like a chess board or something..only in a matter of nanoseconds, nay, jochtoseconds.

    But MOST importantly IMO is that the first few hundred games are spent going damn! I wanted to pass back but....oh sit! and....oh.....but I f***ing passed etc etc.......Once you get to a point where you have time (like bradman facing sheer pace) which I feel I am at now.....I make no more excuses anymore.....and one should remember that sometimes people do spot tackle you, sometimes you don't get a pass off - that is rugby.....I think some of the people who knock this game don't really understand, at its most exreme cutting edge, just how much this game accurately represents it. Yes it has glitches....but I could find glitches in friggin anything.....only PES4 comes through relatively unscathed from such analysis....but I truly now regard it as quite a good sports sim...

    However there are two things that make it easier and more fun to play I have neglected to mention and accept that this chnages the playing field slightly....I play widescreen mode through a projector so we can see everywhere we need to, organise what we are doing and enjoy the game more.....and all while we can clearly see every player etc anyway. The issue of widescreen making it too small etc is not an issue and so this makes the game more accessible I guess. Secondly we play once a week and in a two-three hour burst while drinking before watching sport - so what is not to like?


    On the one one ones.....I am such an emotional player in one on ones that I tend to either waste people or fall apart.....different players are so unpredictable.....but ,me and my mate do occasionally play one on ones and I step down to say the PIs and he goes ABs...our games are very close always and I can honestly removing the dive tackle doesn't appear necessary as the diversity of options on attack means there are plenty of ways to crack an egg **edit - or alternatively fry an egg or crack a nut - lol!!!!**.but then...who's to say you are making the change to gameplay becos you have gone to where I have gone and have progressed even further? Come back GG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Thanks Los.

    Sorry we won't go back to dive tackles. The main reason is because it LOOKS too fake some of them. We have been playing no dive tackles for a while now and as a result we hardly ever miss a straight forward tackle. Tackles are only missed because the attacker was too tricky rather than the defender got it messed up. Because of this the game when we play actually LOOKS like a very real game of rugby and not at all like an unrealistic computer game.

    And when we do make breaks in one on one multiplayer...................they look really good because you can do more when you know you won't be caught with a 5 metre diving ankle tap.

    I tell dive tackle for multiplayer is a whole lot more fun with the boys. Both 2 and 4 player. You should try it los

    P.S. Widescreen on XBox has the game running slower than normal so we can't play it that way though it is fine when we play it widescreen format on PS2. So you have won that debate. [​IMG]
  12. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest



    thanks GG!

    Hear that all ye who debated the xbox versus ps2 for rugby 2005 just officially lost another battle and with that the war

  13. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    Perhaps I could suggest checkers or something more suitable?
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