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Die Hard 4.0



I have seen some of the shorts and read a few articles about this and I am looking forward to it. Die Hard is one of my all time favourite franchises and Bruice Willis is going on about how its as good as the first (which is a pretty bold statement).

the only thing that he didnt like about it was they cut out his yippie kiyaae, that catch frase from the other 3 movies.

With this year being the year of sequals to me, well not sequals its more like the year of the franchises (die hard, indiana jones, spiderman, shrek etc) this would be one of the ones i am looking forward to.

Though i have seen advertising for the movie called Die Hard 4.0 and on imdb.com its Live Free or Die Hard its confusing me :)

*edit* indian jones is set for next year.
die hard 4 will be awesome. die hard is all about the action and seeing stuff blow up die hard 4 will be no different
apart from it being r13 in the states, not as much violence and swearing aparently :(
They have cut out yippie kiyaae!!!??? WTF? why would they do that? Thats the Die hard thing. u cant take that away!!!
12 or 15 cert films can still have one or two f***s in them.

Still, you've never suffered trying to watch Die Hard on ITV when they cut out most of the film because of the swearing. It ruins it.
yep they used to do that years ago, lately in the re runs they havnt beeped or cut it out in anyway over here so its been good.

though i have the other 3 on dvd so i havent got that problem anymore. hopefully its in the dvd version like an extended version or something lol

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