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Dos Games?



Anyone remember playing dos games on their computer? I was a little bugger back then so i can't really remember every game i played but my most memorable were: Commander Keen, Secret Agent, Gods, Dangerous Dave, Monster Mash and Prince of Persia. In fact im downloading these games right now, just search "abandonware" in google and you'll find plenty of dos games available to download for free. What games did you guys play back in the day? Got any reccomendations?
I remember playing loads of them when i was 3 - 7...We still have a computer running them actually...an old 386!!!

COMMANDER KEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maybe off topic but anyone used 2 play commodore jesus majority of time spent as a child was playing commodore, mokey island 1 n 2 , street rods, prince of persia, maniac mansion, ahhh the memories lols
I also played Commander Keen and also Dave or something like that :p it was fun.
Anyone remember the Police Quest and Space Quest series, hours of fun.
currently playing madtv (nothing to do with the comic or its tv show) and civilisation 2

street rod is a old favorite, which gets cranked out when its needed.
Used to play this Ned Kelly game, was all pink and purple and you had to track down Ned Kelly... was preety deep for the time and addictive. Can't even remember what is was called, think it was called Wanted : Ned Kelly.
***us the Fox, Paganitzu, Cannon Fodder, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom 1 & 2 were always favourites. I think I played the original Need For Speed on DOS as well.

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