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Jun 9, 2011
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Will there be a better/more effective dummy system. In 08 the best you got was a twitch that the AI didn't respond to.
This was AJ's response from the answer thread.

Originally Posted by Pjfr201
Is there more than just 1 animation for a sidestep, dummy, shoulder charge etc?

The success of these special moves is driven by the relative stats of the players involved in the contest. We have not introduced new animations for this element of gameplay.

Note that these are easy to perform on Easy level, even with forwards as ball carriers and this is by design. Remember, our goal in tuning the Easy difficulty level is to give people who are new to Rugby and who don’t know the difference between a fly half and a prop a chance at early success in our game.
I'm pretty sure that you now hold LT/L2 and press the pass button to dummy.

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