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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by woosaah, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    right i went in to pre order RC2006 and the other one [​IMG]

    the guy says "Do you want Rugby Challenge?"

    i say: "Yes"

    he says: "Sorry say that again"

    me:"I would like Rugby Challenge"

    Him:"Oh i cant hear any northern hemisphere accent in there"

    then he just keept trying to tell me it was balls cause he read a review and it only got 2/10 and it doest have and new zealand players and stuff.

    then i kept telling him i want it on pc, i will change the players and teams to what i want. and it should be a good game, i have heard good stuff about it

    then he goes, well the good stuff only depends on where you get it from, i said i get it from a rugby forum, and i have heard some good some bad and he was just plain annoying. he then foudn it on the system and it said it was due out today!!! he said, hmm id on tthink we have it ill go out and look, i was like my god i hope its here but he comes out empty handed. he said he will ring when it comes in he doestn know when that will be.

    then after that all he wanted to do was try get me to buy the xbox 360, i said i was thinking about it (which i am not really) he kept pushing. then i said ahh can i pre-order rugby 2006

    then he couldnt understand why i would want that game to

    dumbass i just said for modding purposes

    then he tried to get me to order them both on xbox as well god i am not made of money!!!

    so my 1 hour break took like 2 hours and an hour of that was at eb o_O good thing boss not here
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  3. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    well i am going into EB tomorrow

    to blast them on the 360

    and to blast them for being EB still

    and blast some more, coz my RC2006 hasnt arrived like they said it would

    Alot of sites say RC2006 for 3rdFEB, so i think it got pushed back a week

    but if they say one thing to me about the 360, like trying to get my $$, they better be prepared for consumer backlash, coz i will demand my $$ back, if they try anything on me..........

    FFS is just plain rude.........

    "u gotto pre-order the 360, is going to be mad
    "ok".i did
    1 week later
    "u gotto pre-order the 360, its going to be mad"
    "i have Nuckf***, and i got VIP, but now i gotto wait till 23rd, so here's my receipt, refund me now, and forever u can screw over someone else"
  4. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    just wait till they confirm the date (it changes colour and **** - use gpstire site) NEVER pre-order until date is confurmed......yes it will be delayed. yes it is feb 3rd for SH. [​IMG] but what did we expect. I read that trev wants a copy of EA06 if it is better than RC2006 - it definitely is, so can some kind soul send him one? cheers [​IMG]

    Woosah, you were discouraged from buying RC2006 cos it looks like ******** in many regards. it will be swordfish's rugby 2005 with out the opportunity to edit it appropriately (in the console setting where it is actually worth it and repays the effort). Just get R06.

  5. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    getting both

    and i wish you would stop saying that rc2006 is worse than ea2006 when you havn't played either.

    its just what you think

    not what anyone else thinks
  6. Los,a simple request, you can use a simple answer to reply...why are you so antagonistic? Drop the personal vendettas, you come across as a mouthy, arrogant soul with an axe to grind.

  7. I usually go with Amazon for my pre-orders etc but, this time I can't pre-order R06 as its not there for some reason.

    I search and only comes up with RC2006.

  8. esoj

    esoj Guest

    rc2006 has been the 3rd of feb for a few days now. rc2006 is editable just not on your gaming platform of choice los. no one is forcing you to buy the console version. you can buy both if you want the choice is yours. so don't try and pin the uneditably of the game on swordfish as they have given you a choice of which you want. and you are getting ea's game anyway so why does it matter.
  9. shhh dont encourge it...it might get agitated and might get kicked off for a 3rd time bwhahahahaha...and then he mught really sue trf...and he might kill someone..bwhahahhaa

    seriously..im renting both out first..im not too phased bout reviews..im the best reviewer for my self..as you all are for yourselves
  10. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Chiro the philosopher.

    Well put.
  11. Chiro the philosopher?????

    how DARE YOU!!!

    IM NOT MORMON!!!..
  12. chiro, do you have a team of writers?

    woosah, I'd go back to eb with a box of poop. or better, go in the shop but this time wear a moustache (a disguise) and whenever he starts the hard sell, act like an idiot and begin to convulse. it might shut him up.

    that is what I would do normally (sans disguise).
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