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    Hello there folks,

    I am selling some newer & older item's via my EBay account, I've got two Doctor Who Hardback Books from the newer series title's are: Wooden Heart & The Last Dodo for sale, Doctor Who VHS Video's: Inferno starring Jon Pertwee as The Doctor, The Invasion of Time starring Tom Baker as The Doctor, Nightmare of Eden, Warriors of the Deep, The Brain of Morbius, Doctor Who - New Series Radio Controlled Dalek with box, Doctor Who Brand New Region 2 DVD's still sealed: Series 2 Volume 1, Series 2 Volume 3, Series 2 Volume 4 & Series 3 Volume 3.

    Plus there's various newer Football & Rugby clothing for sale, Portsmouth, Newcastle United, Liverpool, Weymouth FC, Celtic FC Coat & Home Shirt, Doctor Who Official Annual 2008 99p, The Ashes Cricket Shirt..

    Don't be shy I won't bite honest, Come and take a look at my item's:


    Kindest Regards

    C.Cubbio 2009
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