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Eddie Jones is a fruitcake!



So I have voiced my dislike for Eddie Jones quite a few times on the forum, but i read a story in the news today that made me think i should make a thread for it, as there should be quite a few differing opinions on this story...

First up, i hate Eddie Jones for a lot of reasons.. The most obvious is that he took us from a full trophy cabinet to an empty one.. When he became coach we owned every trophy we could get, then over the course of 4 years we lost every single one till our cabinet was empty.

Most of his major victories came in the first part of his Wallaby career, and IMO i think that he was lucky to inherit the dynasty of Rod Mcqueen... It happened to him at the Brumbies, and then he graduated to Wallabies riding the coat-tails of a truly great coach. But over the years he deteriorated the quality of coaching, and broke down the juggernaut that the Wallabies were at that time. His style was to pick players on individual stats.. He had so many computer recording every stat, and picked players based on that rather than how well they fit with the team and played together.. I thought this style shone through in the way that the players played and they appeared to play for themselves for quite a few years, as if they were playing for their position every week, never mind the result or how someone else goes.. I thought the team looked very fractured, and the style of play that the Wallabies developed was not great.

Besides that, all his ridiculous sideshows with John Mitchell, and especially Clive Woodward were ridiculous and distracting to the team.

And as much as i hate to say it, George was not playing his best rugby for a few of those years, but Jones's method of sticking with him while Whitaker was clearly the best halfback in the country was quite damaging also...

Some will talk about RWC03 semi being a stroke of genius, but really, in hindsight, any good coach with that much exposure to the style of rugby the ABs were playing at that time should have had a good plan to beat them, especially with the players that we had..

Since his sacking, his ridiculous fueds with John Connolly, John O'Neill, and players at the Reds have been nothing but distracting to Australian Rugby, and he had become a deadset timebomb waiting to do something real DUMB... and now he has done it...

so heres the story that set me off:


FORMER Wallabies coach Eddie Jones was embroiled in bitter verbal warfare with ARU chief John O'Neill last night after flying to South Africa to assist the Springboks' World Cup campaign.

Jones has joined the South Africans in camp for a week, at the invitation of one-time arch-rival Jake White, and was decked out in a Springboks tracksuit at his first session on Monday.

O'Neill suggested Jones' approach was mercenary - especially with the Wallabies potentially meeting the Boks in the World Cup quarter-final - but also said the controversial recruitment could backfire on the South Africans.

"It's not something you would expect of a former Australian coach," O'Neill said.

"He would argue, 'I'm a professional coach'.

"I would just put a caveat in there that you've got to be a bit more discerning.

"In a sense it tells you the game has changed and coaches will take on jobs driven by other motives other than loyalty and patriotism.

"This is a quite definitive eyes-wide-open move by Eddie to go and advise the Springboks, amongst other things, on how to beat the Wallabies."

O'Neill also took aim at the man sacked as Wallabies coach after a disastrous tour to Europe in November 2005 by claiming he might not necessarily be of any use to the Boks.

"I don't think it should in any way alarm the Wallabies," O'Neill said, before adding cryptically: "It might be helpful.

"I'm not sure whether Eddie's going to be able to offer any particularly useful insights and the combination of Jake White and Eddie Jones is certainly interesting - Sideshow Bob (White) and the Beaver (Jones).

"I found it a bit amusing to tell the truth."

Jones hit back from South Africa last night, telling The Daily Telegraph: "John is entitled to his opinion but it's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

"He went from being the CEO of Australian rugby to being the CEO of Australian soccer, which is a direct competitor. That was OK in his eyes."

Asked by if his consultancy to the Boks could be extended to include a position on the South African coaching staff at the World Cup, Jones refused to rule out the possibility.

"I've been friends with Jake White for quite a while," he said.

"I'm just en route to the UK (to take up a job at English club Saracens) and called in to give him some ideas."

Jones bristled at suggestions he would pass on sensitive information about the Wallabies.

"It's a long time since I've coached Australia," he argued.

"I've moved on. I don't have any insights into the Wallabies. I haven't been involved with them since November 2005.

"The game we played then is different to the game they play now."

O'Neill countered that Jones was in the Australian set-up as coach of the Queensland Reds until just two months ago.

"If this had occurred in a couple of years time you might have said he's been out of Australian rugby for a fair while and so be it.

"But I think the proximity is too close. It does make me wonder whether he thought it through clearly enough. It'a very curious decision.

"The argument would be that it's now a professional game, you go to the highest bidder and a job is a job.

"I think that's a pretty clinical and rather sad reflection of where the game may have ended up."

Jones said he would not apologise for pursuing his career even if it did take him offshore.

"While you'll always have the softest part of your heart for the country where you were brought up, the fact is you move on if you have opportunities to coach in other countries," he said.

"Otherwise what do I do? Go back to being a school teacher?

"Someone said to me have I done this sort of thing before. Well, I have coached Japan and helped Tonga, Samoa and Fiji.

"If you look at soccer, Guus Hiddink coached Korea before the Socceroos. He also coached the Netherlands and he's now coaching Russia.

"That's four nations at the top level and I think rugby is moving that way. The reality is I'm a professional coach."

Current Wallabies coach John Connolly refused to comment on the Jones issue: "I'm saying nothing at all."



Eddie Jones is a douche... I can understand the whole argument about being a professional coach and all that, but there is a certain level of professionalism that comes into it too, and Eddie Jones firstly does not possess that, as shown by his ridiculous abovementioned fueds, and the timing of the whole thing just smacks of sour grapes... The motives behind his move are clear, and i just think its ridiculous...
Wouldnt expect anything less from the man.
It wouldnt bother me if he had done so a year or 2 down the track but it seems like a pretty bitter move by jones.
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I take insult at the ***le of this thread because it's an insult to all fruitcakes.

Leave the poor fruitcakes alone.
I take insult at the ***le of this thread because it's an insult to all fruitcakes.

Leave the poor fruitcakes alone.


haha yeah true.. i was trying to work out how to change the name of the thread to eddie jones = douche bag, but i couldnt do it...
eddie jones is just bitter about being axed and is acting like a little kid. Im surprised he still gets job offers considering his track record the past few seasons. And i dont believe its all because of his available squads
Weird thing is, he spent a short while with Saracens and in that space of time turned their team around, don't know what he did but they certainly seemed to start playing with more belief.
Weird thing is, he spent a short while with Saracens and in that space of time turned their team around, don't know what he did but they certainly seemed to start playing with more belief. [/b]

I put it down to pure LUCK.

We must remember that he also spent a short time with the Queensland Reds and look what happen to them. I hope some of that losing mana also rubs off onto the Boks. B)
If Eddie Jones is such a kak coach, wouldn't you be happy to see him help the Boks? Only time I'm worried is if a good coach goes overseas. That's why I'm so worried about Wayne Smith heading out.
yeah, well that's John O'Neill's rection.. He's like, well you can have him, he's fckin useless.. my issue with it is not whether or not he actually will help them, cuz i cant see him being that useful either without his entourage of 5000 assistant coaches, but its that he is such a sour douche bag that is trying to do as much damage to Australian Rugby as he can because he got sacked for being ****..
To be honest it seems O'Neill loves the sound of his own voice, as he has an opinion on everything.

He talks about Eddie Jones helping SA, but doesnt mind too much the help you guys get/got from Tiaan Strauss, Vickerman, Rathbone, etc. Let alone the most overpaid (overrated?) player in Aus history, whos actually Fijian, young Lote.

Its a professional game, and these things happen, but to point to one side of the stick and ignore the other is a bit silly.

As well as that, he never had a good relationship with Eddie Jones, so maybe the sour grapes are in the opposite direction? O'Neill said in his book that he would have sacked Eddie before the world cup, the world cup australia only lost by a dropgoal. The article on wikipedia is an interesting one to read when deciding which side to take.

"He was offside with members for a number of reasons - and top of the list was his ego.

There were serious concerns within the ARU that he had turned the World Cup into "the John O'Neill show".

It started when he agreed to take part in a television documentary that focused heavily on him.

There was also concern that he was always with Prime Minister John Howard. It was felt that ARU president Peter Crittle should have taken that role.

There was a feeling that he didn't offer enough praise for the success of the World Cup to the hard-working Carroll, who played a massive part in the success. ARU insiders were of the view he didn't receive enough acclaim.

O'Neill had also lost the support of the majority of Wallabies players and there is irony in the fact that skipper George Gregan is now putting the finishing touches to a new deal.

O'Neill and Gregan had a frosty relationship and only just managed to work together professionally.

It was a poorly kept secret among the Wallabies that O'Neill did not want Gregan as captain and he was even suspected of leaking stories to the News Limited media to destabilise the skipper. O'Neill strongly denies the claims. {Note this was written despite the fact that O'Neill had re-signed George Gregan as captain [6]}

O'Neill lost the players' support during the battle over World Cup pay.
I doubt eddie was recruited to help SA beat Oz. I would imagine they would want insight into what Australias preparations were against the allblacks and despite a poor record against the kiwis i would say the amount of knowledge he has about the kiwis are what theyre after.
I don't think any coach would of turned the Reds into a top 4 side so i think Jones was sacked prematurely. But i don't like the guy anyway but he still knows a few things about rugby and going to South Africa i thought was a gee up. Couldn't beleive my eyes. Jones is a tool.

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