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Just read a thread over at RL2 forums, some guy asked mario if you could edit kits in the same way as RL1, or if a new template would be used. Mario replied by saying that a new template would be used. Does anyone know what this means? does it mean we cant edit kits?
Its always possible to edit the kits. It just depends if Sidhe will hide the kits like EA or do what they did last time.
They should just let us have access then shouldnt they? surely they can encrypt them so that they cannot be used.
Mario stated a while back that RL2 would be far more accessable to editing than even RL1 was... so I'd say that the new template simply refers to the skin templates that will be used by us for editing...
Well the detail in RL1 looked like a PS1 game, whereas RL2 is close to the level of detail seen in FIFA, so I'd imagine they had to change and drastically enlarge their template...
Yeah i figured theyd be larger, but wouldnt the layout stay the same? thats all i care about. The way they were drawn in RL1 made it easy to paint over.
the modeling will be more advanced and lifelike. they will be different in the same way r2001 was different to 2005.

anyways for anybody who is interested i have lots of editor files premade (logos, kit bases, sponsors) in vector format for anybody who wants them.

you can raterise them in photoshop at any size so they are fairly usefull for anyone who wants to edit stuff.

i can also take requests for kits/changes/photoshop & illustrator questions if anyones interested.
RL1 was failr easy to edit. Only the sounds were hard to access. The graphics side was fairly simple although the tv overlays weren't as easy to mod.
i have all nrl logos and sposors and all superleague logos.

anybody who wants can email me at:

[email protected]

and ill send you a pdf copy which you can import into either photoshop (raster to any size)
or illustrator where you can ude the original vector images.

any requests post them here or email me and ill try and help you out

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