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So for french class I have to put together a debate on any topic, the goal is to get me to read in french and speak in french, both of which I have done. But right now, I need perspectives to feed my argument. I'm looking in particular at University level education and how other countries compare to Canada, or my province Quebec in particular. So if you guys have any opinions, good articles on what the government is doing to support your universities, I'd appreciate you posting it. French isn't neccessary, but it is nice.
Look around for the Top-Up Fees that have just been introduced by the British government. I'm sure that will provide plenty of different opinions both for and against, and give a range of arguments you could easily expand on.

My French is fairly basic though so I can't really point you in the direction of anything other than what will be written in English.
I did french and german at uni, but the education stuff we looked at was mainly at lower levels. I know for a fact that university tends to be a much longer affair in mainland Europe compared to the UK - 3 or 4 years in the UK, not sure what sort of timescale is involved in Canada?

Another thing to look at would be the way students finance their studies - eg. loans which have to be repaid in this country, but think some countries still have grants etc - not sure what the situation is in Canada? I think we have a few uni students on the board who could answer questions about their various countries...

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