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Discussion in 'European Champions & Challenge Cup' started by Rugby News, Mar 27, 2008.

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    The draw for the composition of the Pools for future Heineken Cup tournaments will be based on a new merit based ranking structure - the ERC European Ranking.

    Following the recent signing of the 2007 Accord, the Board of ERC directed a Working Party, made up of representatives of Clubs, Unions and the ERC Executive; to develop a merit based ranking system to reward consistent European performance.

    The new ERC European Ranking aims to reward and incentivise teams who consistently perform at the highest level in European competition over four seasons by separating the leading teams in the Pool stages.

    The 24 competing teams will continue to qualify through their domestic tournaments and will then, for the purposes of the Pool draw, be awarded different points for their finishing positions in the two ERC organised competitions, the Heineken Cup and the European Challenge Cup, over the previous four seasons.

    Teams can earn between one to 11 points each season in the Heineken Cup and up to five points in the European Challenge Cup to go towards their four season roll-over ERC European Ranking.

    The rankings will establish four tiers of six teams each with the reigning Heineken Cup champions automatically going into the top spot in Tier 1 along with Europe’s other, currently, most successful teams.

    The draw, which is scheduled to take place in June, will distribute one team from each of the four Tier levels into each of the six Pools. As before, no teams from the same country will be drawn in the same Pool with the exception of when there are seven teams qualified from either England or France.

    Under the new system, irrespective of qualification for the knock-out stages, all teams will be incentivised to finish in the highest possible position in the Heineken Cup. And progress through to the knock-out stages of the European Challenge Cup will also carry extra value and be of major importance for those emerging clubs as they attempt to climb the European ladder.

    “We believe this new ranking system to be a major and important step forward in the on-going development and growth of European club rugby’s premier tournaments, a bold move that reflects the positive thinking of those involved in the ERC competitions following the signing of the recent 2007 Accord,†said ERC Chairman, Jean-Pierre Lux.

    “European results have become the accepted yardstick by which clubs judge themselves and now those same results will have a direct bearing on their European rankings as we look forward to the initiative enhancing both tournaments in the seasons ahead.â€


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  3. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    It's good to see some changes being made but league positions should also be taken into account, that way teams like Munster and the Ospreys will be forced to take the league more seriously, under this system qualification is all they need worry about.
  4. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    So a team in National Division 1 is higher ranked then one of this years quarter finalists.... Abd a team that always has a **** easy run in is ranked no.1 in Europe... Riiiiiiight...
  5. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    that's why league positions should count, although I don't see how you can say Munster have had a **** easy run in this competition
  6. Well, we're ballocksed up anyway. Mind you, no matter if we're the higher seeding we always seem to get a tougher group than Glasgow. Better start beating teams away from home aswell then!
  7. danit

    danit Guest

    good changes but still far from being enough

    still a fragmented schedule: HCup, national leagues, international autumn TM and 6N all mixed up

    still only 6 games per year for most of the teams

    still any team plays only vs 3 other teams on home - away basis

    what's worse, still this ridiculous system where only two best runner up advance to knock out stages

    the main club rugby NH competition needs much more continuity, more games, more various and different challenges, but expecially a fairer system to advance to knock out stages

    HCup's got a lot to learn from Super14...
  8. MunsterMan

    MunsterMan Guest

    Biaritz are third not first :huh:
  9. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Like what, if the HEC was to adopt the same format as the Super 14 that would mean getting rid of 10 teams and logistically it wouldn't be possible to fit that number of fixtures in with the domestic competitions

    You'd still have the problem of only playing certain teams home and away, which can work in the Super 14 because it's ringfenced, so that's a non starter as far as the HEC is concerned.

    If we were to even change the pool format to 4 pools of 6 and have the top 2 teams going through, then where would we find the extra space in an already congested fixture list for 4 more games.
  10. danit

    danit Guest

    axe no-use tournaments like anglo-welsh cup

    reduce the Top14 to Top12

    play 6N in 5 consecutive weekends

    if you agree HCup is (by far) the most important NH rugby club competition you gotta find room for it

    if you prefer domestic clashes the actual HCup format is perfect
  11. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    axe no-use tournaments like anglo-welsh cup

    reduce the Top14 to Top12

    play 6N in 5 consecutive weekends

    if you agree HCup is (by far) the most important NH rugby club competition you gotta find room for it

    if you prefer domestic clashes the actual HCup format is perfect

    Well considering the physical punishment the body takes from playing a test match I think it's ludicrous to suggest playing 5 test matches in a row.

    I don't see any problem with the format of the tournament as is and with the changes made to the seeding system we should avoid the lop sided draw of this year, although they still could have gone further.
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