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I am hoping to move into my house this weekend. There's a possibility that I will be on quite rarely over the next few weeks or so. Rest assured I am getting the internet installed at my new house (and why the devil not, it's free!) and I am hoping that I can get this done quick time.

But first I need to get beds and stuff moved in which is obviously a pain. In fact, I need to buy a new screen for my laptop first, one of those monitory things, as the screen has broke. Defies the point of a laptop I know, but whatchagonnado?

Anyhow, the point I'm making:

I am as committed as ever to buying TRF, don't you worry about that. Just be good in my occasional absence!
happy moving St H and be sure to wet the roof with some OJ (I know you don't drink, so no point in using Jack D's)
House is my hero...

Tuesday nights used to be the best nights on TV with House, then Boston Legal... now all I have to watch is Extras and BL which are on at the same time.

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