1. apparently this guys the man...he was manu samoa's number 7 at the 03 world cup where he bullied some englishmen around and did great service to the national team...he then got a call up from st helens and has moved offshore to play league

    i was talking to my uncle who is the samoan national league team manager..he was telling me once this guy is introduced to the aussies and the kiwis at next years world cup they wont want to know what hit them....is he that good?...ive watched him play once and it did show he wasnt a fully fledged league player...my uncle also told me that the kiwi's tried to claim him 2years ago just because he was an islander..and that fell through coz he has nothing to do with nz hahaha shame...

    a list of tongan and samoan players over there who wont cut the kiwi side have said they will pledge allegence to the islands...and this next statement is very interesting,i cant say but it will be extremely obvious....two legends who retired from the international league game last year have put there hands up to play for samoa...if this happens,all the samoans in the super league will follow them as there leaders into next years world cup...i.e faafili,meli,lauatiti,paleasena eg

    so should be a good contest and scrap for international supremecy...i also heard that england have been trying to stake there claim for maurie faasavalu lol goodluck there
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  3. I love Fa'asavalu. He's my favourite overseas player by a million miles and he is very, very dynamic. He is explosive, powerful and never goes missing. He is dangerous and I do sometimes question his ball handling skills but he is very, very good. He's Saints' underrated weapon.

    He is a very, very good prop.
  4. goranski

    goranski Guest

    he's a great impact player coming off the bench, great in contact with his storming runs - always willing to take a hit-up and make a tackle
  5. what makes him so good tho?..could you compare him to anyone?
  6. He takes it in as hard as Morley.
  7. mayerhofler

    mayerhofler Guest

    he is good but do you think he would do as well in the NRL ? wouldnt we all love to see
  8. He wouldn't be allowed to do well in the NRL because he's come from Super League.
  9. zavala

    zavala Guest

    One of the few forwards that makes me stand up and take notice.
  10. shiznit

    shiznit Guest

    hes a big cat!! ive been watching him for the last month. i think he makes a good impact for St's but i dont know if he would be too impressive in the NRL. he would be a dime a dozen in the NRL. similar to Hame Lauaki at the warriors or Fuifui Moimoi at the Eels. hes just a big island boy running and tackling hard.

    i just wonder if Fa'asavalu looks better because he doesnt come up against as much island forwards as much as he would in the NRL. i watched him the other day against Wigan and wanted to see how he went against Feka Paaleasena. that battle was non exsistant to be fair.

    the guys i would really love to see at my club in the NRL would be Roby. he would be a great little hooker. Dynamic footballer and would be awesome out of dummyhalf.
  11. James Graham kept Fat Feka very quiet on Friday.
  12. hev9078

    hev9078 Guest

    saints targeted feka pretty well and also feka was forced to play much longer than he usually does given the Wigan injuries!
  13. That's true enough, losing Fielden so early was a bad blow but I thought Graham dominated on Friday, I thought he was excellent.
  14. freddy

    freddy Guest

    luv 2 snap him though, cant stand the game no respect 4 any1 sorry any fans of his, but its just my view
  15. Well, that needs explaining....
  16. RC

    RC Guest

    You're an idiot. And you make no sense, which helps back up my initial statement.
  17. djconspiracy

    djconspiracy Guest

    Super good. period.
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