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Fantasy Rugby Game 2007 (based on RWC2007)



Hi Rugby Fans,

It is only 37 days before the Rugby World Cup 2007 kick-off. In my search for RWC related articles I was faced with a Fantasy Rugby Game, based on the Rugby World Cup tournament. You can pick your team virtually and players will score points in the real RWC matches (by scoring tries etc).

Normally you have to pay before you can participate in this kind of games, but this one can be played for FREE. You can win great prizes, like tickets to the RWC2007 opening match and final. It is sponsored by Heineken (do Rugby players really like beer ;-) ? ) so you can win nice Heineken Merchandise as well.

The game is shown at fantasyrugby.heineken.com. You should be of legal drinking age and 18 years or older to play the game by the way.

Let's play it and see who really has some Rugby knowledge ;-)

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