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"Fifa" Style Rugby 08 Minkits [REMADE]


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Sep 28, 2013
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South Africa
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Natal Sharks
Since the download link from the previous Fifa minikit Templates did not work anymore, i remade the 4 of them. Go to http://mjcstudios65.blogsport.com and this link will ALWAYS work :)

Hey, I recently downloaded the Rugby 08 SA Edition 2013 mod and I think it's really good, but my players skin colour isn't right. I'm currently using the v4 roster. My JP Pietersen has a black body but his face is white, Jean de Villiers is black, some of the players like F.du Preez has bright orange hair. The players in the game doesn't relate to to the real players. All the players are wrong, every single player.
I hope that website of MJC doesn't close to. There is alot of useful tools on it for R08
I've backed up a lot of useful mods & patches from that website, however it's a shame none of recent work has been uploaded