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i have a question that never seems 2 get answerd, as you can probly tell im a kiwi and i dont get the game yet, but, what are the fight seens like, real fights or jst dumb pushing?? i hope some one can answer
yes because where i come from fighting is as important as drop kicks are to NH people
Argh stop with the spam...

I saw one or two scuffle scenes but only in the demo, some people may think they look cool but to me they were lame, unrealistic and not really worth watching twice.
on my demo,a cutscene showed giteasu punching worsley on the floor,corry then runs across and pushes him off and then gregan and corry start pushing.
OK i have seen about 5 " Fighting scenes" since i got the game yesterday...

I saw about 4 where there was pushing and fingers being pointed and stuff THEN.....

i saw one late last night where a lock actually punched the guy on the ground and the players where trying to pull him off ... Thats all i can say for now, But it looks very realistic and they guys are aggressive , its not dumb pushing with a dead look on their faces...
mean im going to go thru and increase the agression stats on all my polynesian players
I only saw ones featuring what you mentioned in the latter of your post. Bit of lame pushing and gregan flailing his arms seemingly pretending to brake up an imaginary fight.

Mark: Not really, in a pixelated form anyway...
im with you, but as a hurricanes fan i know you smile when you c "a few dreadlocked' boys dealing to a little aussie or yarppie bro!
Hey guys,

I got the XBOX version and indeed, we got a great laugh while playing with handsomebob and saw a player rush to the ground to blow a player's face, it was f***ing great, and so fun.
There are 2 good ones I've seen so far.

One where they guy puches another guy on the floor, and then just keeps pushing his head.

I saw another where the guy puched him about 6 or 7 times. The referee's decision - "Calm down!"

Now I am a qualified ref, and if you don't send someone off for that, what do you send someone off for?

By the way I remember some chap from some Aussie S12 team punching Ronan O'Gara about 10 times in the face in a Lions warmup-match. Looked pretty f***en painful!

Probably deserved it though - pussy.
Remember when Aussie flanker Michael Brial climbed into Frank Bunce in a Tri-Nations match in the late 90's? I think Brial threw about 13 punches, and all he was told by the ref was "that's uncalled for!"

Man...the good old days!
I no its been asked loads but is there any chance of some screens/short clips of a fight scene???

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