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Final Fantasy XII



its not due for release in New Zealand/Australia untill the beginning of next year but it's already been released in Japan and North America.

A few guys in my course have played this game and said that its amazing. On Monday i should get a "Magic Swap" for my PS2 so i can play it also. I am so freakin excited about this because the reviews say its got a new battle style which sucks at first but is very very cool once you get used to it.

When I get this game sometime next week, i can guarantee that I will not be on this forum very often, and i wont be going out in the weekends either.

Is there anyone else out there who has played it or is looking forward to its release?
Real excited for this one as it looks so good. It will probably be the last rpg I play as I lost the attention span for them years ago. Not an old school fan of final fantasy but played through 7, 8 and 9 a few times and have played half of 5. I see for NTSC copies on trademe it is $128 but I'm not sure if they will work on my chipo PS2 so not going to risk it.

Mono have you played 10 and is it worthwhile playing? It looks quite different from the PSX era of final fantasys.

PS: VIII is my favourite
VIII is also my favourite mainly because it was the first one i played. I also played VII but i couldnt get into it although i have heard that its storyline is far superior to all the others. I have the anthology which is IV and V or V and VI and have played them for a couple of hours.

Yes, I do have X and it is a bit different to the others because only one person can summon aeons (GFs) and the side-game is very cool. Its an underwater sport that is a cross between soccer and waterpolo. The aeons are different too because instead of just being summoned and attacking, they are like a character and can cast magic, attack normally and their limit break is their big move. I havent finished it yet because im stuck at a bit :p but its worth playing.
VII was the first one I played and I thought it was amazing. First time I played it I didn't completely comprehend the story but after reading about it and playing through it a few more times it is a fantastic story.

VIII's story was pretty good bar the whole orphanage/fate thing. The card game makes it though. That was huge getting the GF and Character cards.
yeah the orphan thing was a little lame and the card game is possibly the best side game in any video game.

it would be cool if it was released as a proper card game
Alright people, i have played this game for almost two weeks now and i will give a simple review.

The opening sequence is amazing. It sorta gives you an idea as to what the story will be about although because there is little speaking in this sequence, we have little idea who the characters are.

the end of the sequence brings you seemlessly to the first "playing" bit. It is purely a tutorial but at the end of it (it takes around 10 mins to complete) it has some more of the story.

After that we meet the main character, Vaan. LOTS more sequences and some game play, a few bosses and around 5 characters are introduced and that basically leads up to where i am currently up to.

Over all, its an average game so far. Graphics are absolutly(sp) amazing. The new fighting style is at first hard to get used to but after playing it for a few hours, it is far superior to any other. The storyline is so far very weak. The main characters so to an air continent (the name is hard to spell and pronounce) because his mate (who is a pretty hot chick) gets taken there.

There are waay too many cut-scenes but i can see this game getting better as i go on.

I give it 8/10
Good graphics and game play
Bad storyline (so far) and too many cut-scenes
Have you got the US version on a 'funky' ps2 mono?

How many hours are you through the game, as from what I've read the story is brilliant/epic. Is there much variety in the gameplay as it seems again from what i have read, so you would have a better idea than me, that most sidequests involve exploration and clan hunting quests.

Good to hear the visuals are top grade. Whats the fun factor from your point of view mono?
Its a version i got off my mate and i play it using a Magic Swap (or Swap Magic, i can never remember what its called...).

I am currently only 9 hours into the game and the part that im up to is apparently quite a good chunk through the story, but i never got around to training up my characters so they are all low levels so i have started another game so i can build up my characters.

From what i can judge so far, the biggest sidequests are the hunting quests where you go to the tavern and theres sometimes a list of monsters that characters have put up and they want them killed. so you can go and kill the monsters and get money and rewards from it.

I am extremely hung over right now, so my apologies if that didnt make much sense

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