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First Aid


St Helens RLFC

Been doing a First Aid course this week and I've decided that it's really fun. I have my exam tomorrow, hope I pass!

Any qualified aiders here?
Did the St Johns level 3 way back in 1997- part of the pharmacist`s training programme back then in SA.
Did a course today, was good fun. Helpfull to know all that sorta stuff aswell.
Done the course, got the certificate, but dont ask me if anything goes wrong as i did it a couple of years ago and I need a refresher course I think....
Yes I am a first aider thanks to my grade 11 gym class. I think I have to take the course again soon. Just a question has anyone been taught how to deliver a baby? Because there is definitly a section in the text book, graphic diagrams included, about how to deliver a baby and we were never taught it as it was considered irrelevent. I'll make it a priority when I'm stuck in an elevator with a pregnant woman in labour to tell the woman I can't help her!
I done some sort of first aid course in college.....i think.
i got a card too, dunno what it does though?
I'm a good kisser as told by many girls... now, does that count as a good CPR?
once a scout always a scout teh mite, got mine through scouts but the course was conducted by st johns so yeah im a certified first aider!!

CONGRATS! on getting ur cert
I had to pass a first aid course to qualify as a field guide in South Africa.
Need to do a refresher course shortly.

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