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Flood to drown the sorrows?



To replace injured Jamie Noon, Toby flood has been called up to the England squad! Hurrah! Finally, a 1st choice inside centre or Fly Half! Hurrrrrah!!!

So; Gommersall, Wilko, Flood, Hipkiss for the middle 4?

surely england must have better options at sh than him???
Where's Peter Richards?

And what does Shane Geraghty have to do?

I'd rather have Rivhards, Wilko, Barkley and Hipkiss for the middle 4.
Richards, maybe, but Gommersall has spent years performing well for England while blonde Pete has never really been given the chance. Either is fine with me at the end of the day provided it won't be Shawn bleedin' Perry.

However, Picking Barkley at 12 ahead of Flood is akin to selecting Tindall for the lions ahead of BOD. Capiche? That's before I start on how Flood and Wilko know how to interlink and line break of each other extremely well anyway.


surely england must have better options at sh than him??? [/b]

Yep, but in his wisdom, BA (RFUakkas) decided not to take Danny Care or Paul Hodgson. Pitty the fool.
I have to admit I've seen relatively little of Richards but Gomarsall is an absolutely useless passer for a SH. There's no doubt he gets it out quicker but his service is bad.

As for young SH's I think Foden at Sale is one too watch with Danny Care as well.

As for picking Barkley I think it would be more akin to picking McCalister at 12 instead of Mauger alongside Carter. Personally I'm a fan of McCalister. As for Flood no doubt he does well with Wilko but he is slow and not enough of attacking presence, in my opinion. But he should have ben there ahead of Farrell anyway.

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