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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jimmy44, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Whilst playing the European cup, I noticed that one of the key reasons its so easy to defend against the AI is the number of men I had defending in the line. Because you don't need to add people to the ruck to keep hold of the ball, and it doesn't make much difference in defence, most o the time I have 14 or 15 men lined up ready to tackle the opposition. With this many people defending, its little wonder the AI don't find many gaps or make breaks.

    So.....I introduced a rule where you always tap ONCE on the add men to the ruck button, to add a couple of men into the ruck. You'll be surprised how much space this opens up in the mid field, and since doing this I have found the AI makes more breaks, and once scored an amazing 40 metre try!

    Now if you think about real rugby, not having any men in the ruck simply isn't realistic, there are always defenders stuck in the ruck, hence space out wide, so introducing this rule adds to the realism, it doesn't take anything away. Its also not really a rule. You are just playing the game the way its supposed to be played. make this rule even more effective. if you have the PC version of the game and Lazy Chesnuts superb editor programme, I suggest you also make some adjustments to the opposition teams. For instance, I have improved the Australian team beyond recognition, by increasing the strength and tackle breaking abilities of some of the forwards, making the centres stronger and able to breaks tackles, and the two wingers much quicker and more agile. I don't recommend changing the line out or rucking abilities, because this will prevent you from gettting any possession!

    Boy oh boy you see these differences played out on the pitch! Its funny because with more space the AI actually plays very intelligently, because it has the space to make plays, passes, special moves.

    The results have been astonishing.

    I beat Australia comfortably without the changes, or the rule, 24 -7 YAWWWN!

    However with this simple rule in place and adjusting the austrialin team my second game was a cracker, and I went down 31-16 to a great Ausy team. However, it wasn't impossible. I scored two great tries and ran the ball all over the park. The difference is, so did the Aussies!!

    I promise this has completely transformed the game for me in single player, and I want you guys to try and and enjoy it to!

    Please give it a go! I just feel sorry for those who have the X-box and Ps2 version and can't edit. good luck!
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  3. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Actually i think in the next game the default ruck system should drag at least 3 ppl in nd have five or six others standing just off the ruck. Al but one should be able to join the ruck allowig for a permanent post defender for forwards coming through or to quickly tackle HB or smother kick.
  4. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Yes...good idea.

    But don't feel sorry for! (PS2 and Xbox)....we hang out in groups and are confortable doing so.....!!


    - always endeavour to make every tackle and to dive tackle always...not run into tacklers.....this is easily done as it is done of every other game (aprat from r**by 2**4 and allows for mistiming or pressure and breaks etc occur...however it also leads to more turnovers from good tackles and interceptions etc....only way to play the game.

    - If Kiwi fan for super 12 hard Hurricanes, Highlanders or Chiefs (especially Hurricanes), will have more hard fought super 12 me.

    - When you drop back from an awesome WL team on hard level into normal teams again w/out ridiculously-fast wingers (not for realism sakes (no problem there) just for gameplay) - Blues, ABs etc.... - then it is again a competitive game to play.

    - cables + PS2/xbox + friends + big creen HDTV = f*** PC. [​IMG]
  5. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Groups? ARGHHHHHHHH scary! [​IMG]

    Good idea about the tackling although I find the benefits you gain from diving at every tackle (i.e knocking the ball out of the oppositions hands, knocking the AI back) tend to outweight the negatives, which are of course missed tackles.

    However I will try and see. Can you have a go at the rucking rule and tell me what you think. Maybe it needs a couple of taps to add even more players in?!

  6. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest


    thats a good one [​IMG]

    *sigh* i love console
  7. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    you push the ruck button (x) in eight or so quick pushes (fast as you can) to fill the ruck area or to get the line-out into a maul moving quickly and effectively everytime.......a strong forward pack can even be stopped and then go again...often to a frystrated collapse of the scrum or maul....********!!


    "f*** PC" just jibe...obviously I'm typing on one right now! But just keep games separate. It's too shitty!
  8. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Console owners try this rule, once a ruck has formed, you press the select a defender button, and you must stick with the first defender it gives you,no matter who it is. You must continue to use this one player until the next ruck, so you are only one guy and youve got to make your tackle count in each phase. If you miss you must watch the play unfold until a team mate brings them down. This evens up the d a bit between you and the ai, and the ai actully scores some cool tries. Also only play 5 minute halves, otherwise no matter how much of a deficit you face youve always got time for a come back. This way it adds a bit of urgency, and youll play out some real nail biters.
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