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For those who live in the UK


Saint N Sinner

Has any one:

1) preorderd of Amazon and got it this morning?

2)Live in the UK?
I ordered of Amazon.co.uk and they say that the item will be dispatched soon which means I will receive it tomorrow at the earliest but more likely Saturday. I expect I'll just buy it in town (assuming anyone has it) and send the copy I receive from Amazon back stating delivery later than the estimated date (16th-17th).

Starting to get a bit annoyed and beginning to lose interest before i have even played the game but i'm sure I will perk up after playing a few games (and even more if Wales win on saturday)
Im getting slightly worries that my copy wont be there waiting for me when i get home.
Just checked Amazon again and still no change in the order status so I wouldn't get your hopes up. I am away all weekend so today was the only hope i had of playing until Monday. Still, there are other, more important things in life...
I ordered from choicesdirect, and it still says order in progress, but then so does my order for fifa 2005, which i received in early january. i emailed and they said expected stock on 16th, so slight chance it might be waiting for me at home tonight...
My order from Gameplay arrived today - wasn't there a waspie who claimed he got his on Tuesday from Amazon?? Haven't seen him around rencently, so I guess he really has come down with that fever he was threatening to catch!!
I cancelled mine of Amazon and ordered of play.com. I ordered on tues evening, I got it today!
Items now dispatched from Amazon (about 4ish). Unless they deliver by helicopter i fear it won't be there when i get home. Amazon certainly don't do things in a hurry. Should have used Play.com as normal.
Just got home, and so sign of game
oh well theres allways tomorow to pray again.

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