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France Bug?!



Whenever we have a multiplayer game with france being one team, the oposing team always gets injury problems. The injuries keep rolling in until theres no more replacements left.
We dont use france anymore, a pity because i used to own everyone in '05 with france.
One of my friends uses france alot and i have the same problem when i play him. iv never had to use all my replacements but in the first 20 mins of a match il usually ahve around 3 - 4 injurys
id never thought of it like that, but yeah, one time i played nz v france on elite, awesome match, but they got atleast 5 injuries, was crazy....never made the link to france but thats the only time theres been so many injuries.
It's not just certain teams as I've had that against England, NZ, Aus, Leicester plus god knows how many others.
Hmmm same thing happend to me World Cup Semi's against France


same thing happened to me when i played france against NZ, i posted it in glithches, i won the game 50-44. but only the players in the centre position got injured.
I have the same problem in the final of the european cup. i play with paris. i have already won french teams in the tournament (castres, bourgoin) and when i play the final against toulouse, i have at least 5 injuried players.

I've played and replayed and replayed the match. Always the same problem. grrrrrrrrrrrr
this is properly the way the game is programmed to make injuries more likely on france they need to make it more random.in some tournaments i go without injury at all which is nice but it makes it to easy
i just started a six nations tournament as france. i played against england and they must've had about 8 injuries and subs. graham rowntree ended up playing for them on the wing!
Played a match as France (home) v. Australia on Pro difficulty. Goodness, everyone in Australia was getting cremated. Easily 5-7 injuries. Ended as a draw.
I mentioned this in the glitches thread.

Me & my bro was playing the 6n, It was the final game of he Championship and I was France & my bro was Wales. Wales & France were unbeaten going into the last game, but when we played the game, my bro was getting injuries after injuries. He ended up playing Duncan Jones inside centre & Cooper went on the wing.

The game finshined & I beat Wales easily, he wasn't happy at all.......I ****** myself laughing. I got to make sure I am going France all the time now.

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