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French Rugby League V's England Rugby Union




Is anyone able to give me some help assistance on the following scenario!

My boyfriend currently plays for UVC XIII (Villefranche) a french rugby league side in the elite division (he plays second row).

We are contemplating moving to the England, where my work is based, in Devon and want to know any possible options open to him to continue playing rugby.

As far as I am aware the Southwest of England has limited rugby league clubs, and they are not very developed yet to the same standard he is currently playing. He is keen to play at as high a standard as possible while he still can.

He would contemplate switching codes to Union, but I have no idea what the equivelant union standard would be to his - can anyone help?

Also what would the equivalent League clubs over here to his current french club - as we may not necessarily have to stick to Devon.

How do clubs go about recruiting players? Should we just approach a few and see what they say?If so has anyone got any suggestions on who we should approach?

I would really appreciate any help/suggestions! Thanks.
Well I can't comment on the state of rugby league in the south of England (or anywhere else really).

However, if you were looking for a rugby union club there are a few down that way. Plymouth, Exeter and Cornish Pirates are all in the second highest division of English rugby, or if you were willing up into the West Country there are Premiership clubs in Bath, Gloucester and Bristol.

Not exactly sure how you would go about getting the attention of clubs, but if you were to get in touch then there is always the possibility of being offered a trial.

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