Funny Moments in the game!

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by CrashBall13, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. CrashBall13

    CrashBall13 Guest

    Has anyone had any funny moments in the game. I was playing as the canes against the highlanders and was losing by 5. I got the ball withing 10 of their line when i turned it over. Game over i thought all they ave to do is kick it out and they've won. The scrum half passes it back to their fly hallf ingoal and as he goes to clear it he boots it into his own posts, ball bounces back and one of my forwards dives on it 2 win the game!
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  3. jgough

    jgough Guest

    Don't really know if this is a funny moment or just a bug, but it is rather amusing.

    If the CPU kicks the ball into your in goal area, and you rush back, about to ground it, you can either stand still or run from one side back to the other for as long as you like and the CPU will just watch and follow you, never tackle. I was playing a quick game, and they kicked it into my in goal, there was about 10 seconds left on the clock before the game was up, so I was trying to waste a few seconds before grounding it, and so before I did (to waste that time) I ran to the other end of the in goal, and the AI just watched me, so for a laugh I ran back, and they followed, but no one tackled. So I did it about 20 times, until I got even more bored.

    It's not that big a deal, and actually not all that funny now that I think about it.

    Ar well.

    Jamie Gough
  4. O......K

    Sounds like you interesting person to play 2 player with.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. I've been doing that tactic when playing the Easy mode in tournaments -- just so the game clock keeps ticking away. I've found that when doing it in the field of play, if you stand still they will tackle you, and if you run a little too close, they will as well. Eventually, they keep pushing you back.
  6. robbinho

    robbinho Guest

    playing as the blues agains tthe crusaders this morning, i turned the ball over about 5 yards from their line, marshall picked up and went to pass out to the 10, but managed to bounce the ball straight off the post and into one of my players hands (who then dropped it when a defender looked at him.
  7. that exact thing happened to me as well, it was gonna be a sweet fluke of a try but then my guy knocked it on.

    Tuitupou is a titan in this game
  8. fordage

    fordage Guest

    i just got to the world cup final with the all blacks on hard difficulty. i'd played against good teams to get to the final and it was tough but not crazy tough. then i get to the final and i'm playing england. every single time i take it into contact i was turned over. i remember this from 2004 i had really hoped it wasnt in this game too. it sucks, i lost 6 0 , 2 wilkinson drop goals. it makes the game really unrealistic, especially cos the NZ back row is way better than the current england back rowers and shouldnt have had too much trouble witht the. it now means to win on hard against a big team u have to yak it about like a sevens team on speed
  9. flanku

    flanku Guest

    just happened in a game Brumbies (CPU) v Leicester (me)...Brumbies up 7-5 end of 1st half...penalty to Brumbies 30m out...

    kick goes off the cross bar and Larkham takes the bounce at full pace streaming for my goal defence taken by surprise so he cuts left and has a clear shot at the line only to pull up and dive....SHORT of the line....he actually dived in a sideways direction and didn´t cross the line...

    ...while I am scrambling to control the player nearest the ball...the ball mysteriously bounces up and rolls into my end zone where a flying Brumbie (forgot to see who) dives on it for the try. Snake-bit and down 14-5 at the half!

    b.t.w., justice was served and I scored and converted a try in the 80 something minute to win 19-17!!!!
  10. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    Okay, was messing around with the hack ons thing during a game, Glasgow v Spain. Parks kicks on, the ball bounces up, and he headers it!
  11. Is he the one that plays 12 for the Blues? Because if he is he's a little git. Really solid in defense, difficult to get past, pace and good tackling.
  12. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    More of a stupid rather than a funny moment but I was playing against Argentina, and I decide to run the ball from behind my try line - never a good idea. I pass the ball out to Tyndal, who misses it, the ball hits the post and bouces into the arms on an oncoming Argy who scores a sitter! DOH!!
  13. didnt really wanna do that did ya hehe [​IMG] [​IMG]
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