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Future bright for footy boots!



I had a very interesting meeting last nigh with some of the big reps from NZ Asics and Adidas and I have to say for sporting footwear the future can’t look better!

If you look at the current boot selection and thing what a piece of junk or what the hek?? Well I think that you will be pleasantly surprised the next time you have to fork out for some new boots. The reason for this is simple... Adidas in particular has suddenly decided to grow a brain and not just release gimmicky products and Asics is just going from strength to strength as you can expect from the best footwear company in the world.

To start with Adidas:
These guys are probably better known then Asics for there boots only because Asics development is done mainly in Australia and hasn't fully broken into the world footy market. Anyway... Adidas has finally decided to make some of that massive bank account useful and made some big inroads to improving their boots. What you can expect in the next few years is: a new upper design for the F50 tunit, along with leather versions and better support, this however is still in debate weather or not the leather will come to NZ but should be in most other places. You can also expect improvements on most other boots and possibly a few new entries. Again the Flanker will still be available with a new upper design is all so far.


On to Asics:
The best thing next year is even bigger developments made to the rotating cleat design of the Asics touch AFL Hockey and footy boots. They are now planning to expand this technology so it can be used around different times of the year or better for training instead of just a game day shoe. For those of you who have no idea what this kind of shoe is take a look at this picture.


This design was made because of a need from AFL players that where getting leg injuries because of the boot not moving when changing direction quickly after coming off a big jump. This has now done so well that it has passed into other codes and taken off like you wouldn’t believe. They are also developing their other boots to have more of a cushion feel to them instead of just a normal hard bottom like most boots. Taking technology from their awesome running shoes like the Kayano with the twist get in the soul of the boot so cushion the foot and shock of landing.


Of course there are other developments with these two companies but that’s all for now but you would have to say that boots are getting better!

Jinx OUT!
hm.... very interesting...
as an Adidas fan, I do think that f-50 kinda sux.. it looks way too damn good for a rugby boots, and couldnt care less to spend that much money for that boots!

Asic's design have always intrigued me.. it looked like a normal sneaker dont you think? but hey its got STUDS! wow! still havent experience one though.. and would love to!
Actually, I have a pair of black F50.6's, they look very sleek without being too flashy, the vinyl finish makes for a waterproof boot. The one trouble as has been mentioned before is the ventilation, but I don't find that it's so much of an issue, today was fairly hot when I went training with them and felt quite comfortable. I should add that the adaptable studs feature adds a certain versatility that most boots don't have as they come with three lengths of studs, hard ground, firm ground and soft ground. No other cleats come with this and an adaptable stud configuration. It offers pretty decent traction as well
Yeah the synthetic finish is a major draw back but a mojor benefit. It just depends on how you look at it.
Oh and BTW Allblacks, tht last picture isnt of the boot, that is a asics runner with the same cusioning system as the boots are getting and that touch boot is what asics currently has. Expect that twist gel that is in that runner to appear in some of their new rugby boots. To bad for NZers we probably wont be seeing any coming over our side of the tasmin anytime soon. :(
Who cares if they are flashy, most rugby players wear soccer boots anyway. Daniel Carter is wearing a boot that was made for David Beckham.

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