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Going back to Rugby after bodybuilding


Academy Player
Sep 21, 2015
Hey guys, just signed up here today.

Used to play schoolboy, 1st XV, played a bit in uni, then dropped it and took up weightlifting big time. I'm gonna go back to it as I miss the banter and comraderie. I used to play in the center, but now I've gotten alot bigger and presume I'll play in the pack. I'd like to play flanker.

I'm 6 '2 and around 93 kg at around 10/11 bf%, I could swing up to 97/98 kg no bother and still be relatively lean, but I was just wondering what type of routine should I do? My fitness isn't great anymore. I was thinking of bringing in some oly lifts and plyometrics for more power.

Sorry if I'm not making much sense, all I've known is bbing and powerlifting, and I'm not too sure on how to prepare for the transition. Size is useless if I gas out in ten minutes.

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