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  1. right well i know there are a lot of reviews circulating around but as i got the game this morning (amazon you beauuuutaayy!) and i was a very avid 06 fan i thought i would give you a little insight.

    as for how good i was at 06 just to gauge the review, i would be winning the world cup with USA by 30 points per game so it got a little boring.

    Firstly when i loaded up the game the first thing that was cool was the opening video of world cup tries and tackles. nice little touch. anyway i went straight into a game after completing the tutorial (which by the way is EXACTLY the same) England vs Australia in Australia stadium.

    As soon as the game starts from the panning view over the stdium the pitch looks dramatic and stylish, the players walk out in their new official kits and sing their anthems to bellowing sound from the fans. then the game started and the camera angle was brilliant! (im a seasoned veteran of side view) it zooms in and out depending on it being a ruck or maul and when a there is a clearing kick, it pans out showing the whole pitch to launch a counter attack, or to close off the attacking full back.

    When i first started however i did score two very quick tries, through the hands to Jason Robinson into the corner and i heard the old alarm bells ringing, was this going to be money down the drain?? however with Mike Catt as the kicker (EA have Tait and Catt as 10 and 12) i wasnt landing too many over. Then Australia came back at me, absolutely obliterating my midfield with Mortlock and Giteau. Mortlock scored one try almost length of the half, shouldering through two consecutive tackles and gassing my fullback! This seems to be something that EA have worked on, the special moves now seem a lot quicker and effective, as does the passing, especially from set peices. On several occasion i had Larkham hit a flat miss pass out to Mortlock steaming up the centre.

    The AI seems to have been worked on well and their use of support is brilliant, now when it is two AI attackers on one of my players i dont simply smash the ball carrier and now you have to think about what will be a more tactical approach. Along with this Larkham loved to dummy going through my line twice and sometimes throwing a few in a row.

    Im not too sure about the drop goals, i used to like having to practice them to become good but now it requires on the skill of stopping a filling bar between two points, whooopie! Also i think, but dont qoute me on this but i put dan ward smith on at no8 and bloody EA put his position as Centre :rahh: But i bought him on red exclamation mark or not and he played really well and get this, he didnt knock it on! ill go and try it again in a but with a fly half or something.

    I ended up losing the game i played 31-24, thanks to Palu scoring in the corner and bouncing off Jason Robinson. I do think this is a truly better game though i probably will get used to it and be able to smash a team 50-0 easily. for now though im attempting to beat Ireland with argentina in a classic match! :D
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  3. That's good news ... In 06 I use to put Christian Cullen at centre, and he kept dropping the ball ...he's only listed as a Fullback, but played centre and wing in a few tests.
  4. zavala

    zavala Guest

    That was the single most annoying thing for me, especially with the rosters being so wrong and with an injury crisis. I would try a full back on the wing (like, in real life, most have played at some point) or in the centre and I would either have to risk him just catching the ball or finds ways to miss him out of attacking all together. It's stupid - I mean, even if you put Julian White or bloody Bill Beaumont now on the wing they'd be awful but they wouldn't drop the ball just because they were playing out of position; 'The Modern Game' of backs rucking and forwards playing in the backs in open play would just be a world-record attempt at most knock-ons in a game everytime.

    Disregarding the roster situation (which is very difficult for me to do - I'm the kind of person who spends hours fixing and fiddling with the rosters before even playing a game, and enjoys it), is the game a hit? I would have got the P.C version for the mods and patches but my P.C can only just handle Football Manager, nevermind a game that actually uses moving objects. Is there any way, without ripping the back of the computer and looking, to determine if/what kind of graphics card this supercomputer, this machine comparable to Deep Thought has got?
  5. Gandalf

    Gandalf Guest

    zavala, just right click on my computer, go to properties, then to hardware; then device manger and open the display adapters tab...
    that should give u a good indication.

    hope this helps...
    Cant wait to get the game!

  6. mj44

    mj44 Guest

    That's good news ... In 06 I use to put Christian Cullen at centre, and he kept dropping the ball

    In world league nawali got injured so I put a non-winger on the wing. He knocked on plenty. In fact I can't remember that guy actually catching the ball, so I think the problem is still there. Good news is that we should be able to get this sorted out when we get the new rosters from woosah.
  7. barbu677

    barbu677 Guest

    Crappy roster issues notwithstanding... hew :) , this is a good game.

    Just finished my first World Cup as Argentina on Pro. Got beaten by France 5-19 (first game of Rugby 08 I played), smoked Georgia for 42, beat Namibia 70-24 (is it just me, or is their offense waaay overrated) and then a great, great game against Ireland I had to win. Made the mistake of switching Contepomi (Felipe, I think - the one who can play FH and CT) from FH to CT and getting Todeschini in at FH, thinking this will get me more options. Wroooong choice (the 'oooo' is from 'sloooow').

    After 9 minutes I led 14-0.
    After twenty minutes it was 21-14 ireland.
    A dumb penalty (lineout throw not straight) right before halftime against me. 24-14 for Eire.
    45th minute: 27-14 Ireland (yet another penalty).
    Todeschini and Contepomi changed places; Todeschini out, replaced by Gaitan, Contepomi at FH for speeeeeeeeeeed.
    60th minute: Pichot after a ruck from 20 yards, a great run that took the Irish by surprise: 27-21.
    At this point the Irish started losing their head (hey, it was awfully realistic, I mean a real team would have in these circumstances). 2 penalties, no sin bins, but: 27-27 :bana: .
    And then... kick-off by O'Gara on the opposite side... O'Driscoll blasting away... :ranting: 34-27 for Ireland.
    A nasty penalty against me (my players lost their head): 37-27 for Eire. I remember watching my players as O'Gara was kicking the penalty, hands on their hips. That was the game right there.
    5 minutes of desolate running for a consolation try :unsure: .
    Argentina out of the World Cup...
    What a great rush of adrenaline this game was (as, I guess, you can tell).
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