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Mr. Laxative

I have not yet got the game but i am rugby mad and downloaded movies pics etc.
I haven't seen a front on of gregan yet. If anyone cares about a 13 year old waiting for his game I am sure they will be able to post a picture of him... maybe Shane.
There you go mate, thats in game footage of him throwin one from the ruck

Thanks, what about in Brumbies gear maybe lining up for the kickoff?
And of a cutscene after he just scored a try (even if he does look like a stunned mullet!)

Thats the best i can do for now
And just so you know that was footage taken after he just fumbled the catch from the kick off hehe maybe thats why he looks like hes about to kill someone
hes got that look in his eyes!

Thanks mate. Looks like him except for his hair! Maybe one of Paul (Brumbies) in here or All Pics post.

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