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Guess who's getting sued by Microsoft this week?




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It’s pretty common for kids to go trolling on game forums and make obnoxious claims such as having a go on the Xbox 360 in their own home. Well, this thread on Gamespot started that way, except the kid actually backed up his claims with these photos:

*Follow the Link and get the photos yourself you lazy shits*

Now the kid is begging to get the thread deleted (maybe he found out what an NDA is), but the cat is already out of the bag. Apparently his step dad just started working for Microsoft under the ***le of Regulatory Compliance Manager, and is currently hardware testing the Xbox 360. The wires coming out the top are for such testing. The hardware is apparently complete, and although there were no 360 games to test, he gave Halo 2 a spin in backwards compatibility. He is claiming the power supply is external, and is enourmous. He also raved about the user interface/dashboard and the feel of the controller (and this coming from an admitted PlayStation fan, so it must be good).

You are a damn lucky kid, but I hope you didn’t just cost your step dad his new job.[/b]
he either really dumb or very wise and smart indeed

i dont know many that actually like their step parents

perhaps it was on purpose - lol
Haha, fair call AK.

I figure he wanted to feel of "importance", rather similar to the people on here sometimes saying they have copies of the new rugby games etc.

Only this guy was for real. Not the smartest move by any means.

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