Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by St Helens RLFC, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Just got my first ever gumshield - does anyone have any advice to make me adjust to it quickly???
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  3. Take it out of your mouth and put it in your pocket for the rest of the game. It tastes better and is very comfortable there. That's what I do whenever I come across a ref who checks if you've got one or not.
  4. Yo Saints very wise idea getting a gumsheild, [​IMG] mine saved my beautiful teeth when i was kicked in the jaw lol [​IMG]

    If u wanna adjust to it quickly practicing talking etc. with it in u may think its stupid but it will help.

    Also sometimes before big games when i get very nervous i find it hard to put my gum sheild in cos i feel sick, i found the best way to conquer that is to leave your gum sheild out until the game kicks off then put it in cos u'll forget about it then as the game starts.

    Finally if your gumsheild aint comfortable get a one made by a dentist its much much more comfortbable, luckily my dad is a dental technician so i get em free [​IMG]
  5. Cut it to fit in your mouth. I'd often chop off some of the top (the crest part), obviously still leaving it protecting the teeth, but not driving it up into my gums.

    Can't hurt to reshape it (i.e. dunk in hot water) before every use -- or just matches.
  6. wigan_rlfc

    wigan_rlfc Guest

    Is it a dentist one or a boil yourself one?

    If it isn't a dentist one, get one. They are much more comfortable in your mouth and don't move around anywhere near as much.
  7. mouth guard?
  8. Serge

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    Yup. I find if you cut the ends a bit it feels better as it feels like im putting my fingers down my throat if i have it at full size. Make sure you take your mouth guard at each stoppage. Helps you get more air in.
  9. shiznit

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    i used to just mold them in hot water. but after i lost a couple of teeth at athletic's day (long story) i had to have caps but in so i have a special dentist mouthguard these days.
  10. Theres nothing wrong with a normal mouthguard ive had mine for 3 ears aint lost any teeth yet [​IMG]
  11. Couldn't get used to it before the game and I paid for it - if ever I needed a shock absorber in my mouth it was when I ran at the two GB Student international prop forwards.


    It's still making me gag.
  12. It's advised to change your mouthguard yearly if it's not one of the big brands, because the mouthguard loses its springiness and its second purpose, to protect from concussions, is pretty much lost.
  13. Wally

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    Gumshield.. Interesting.
  14. What do you call them?
  15. shiznit

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  16. melon

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    I got a dentist one and a shock doctor. They both grip to my teeth like ther is no 2moro and i can talk perfectly with one on, they dont bother me at all.
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    sry if I up this thread just to ask about mouthguard... i didn't found someting more recent

    the question is very simple: do u use/suggest single or double mouthguard ? single should be enough... or not?
  18. TRF_nickdnz

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    Yes, single is enough.
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