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Hair colour attribute in .ros files


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Nov 27, 2005
Hi all

I'm in the process of developing my own rugby game, and I'd like to give it the capability to import *.ros files from Rugby 08. I've taken a look at what's in the ros files, and I think it's got everything I would need to be able to import into my game, with one exception: hair colour. I see that there is a an entry for skin colour (which can be one of 4 values), but I see nothing for hair colour. I'm guessing that hair colour is not actually contained in the ros file, and is presumably contained within some other 'head' file which is cross referenced by the ros file?

Hair is contained in the fsh files and assigned to a player with an id number. Check the created faces thread you'll be able to get more info there
Ok, so I'd need to also have the fsh files that are referenced by the ros file, and get them unpacked. Presumably then in there is some texture? Dang, I was hoping there would just an attribute somewhere I could read.
Search for the .big files which contain head model.o and face textures.fsh

Textures.fsh contain face.png

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