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Halo 3 BETA



Microsoft have released a 7 min gameplay video of Halo 3 multiplayer video. There is two versions of the video, one has the guys at Bungie talking about the game & shows clips of a bunch of workers playing on the game. The second video shows exactly the same video, but its without Bungie guys talking about the game, just pure gameplay with a slightly modified Halo theme tune. Halo 3 BETA Multiplayer demo is due out 16th May 2007, here are some new features in the game include;

* 3 maps playable maps, Valhalla, High Ground and Snowbound
* One new game mode is called Escort
* New grenades such as, Spike grenade & Bubble grenade
* New Brute's weapon-set, Brute Spiker is one of those new weapons
* The X button will activate any type of equipment you're carrying
* The Assault Rifle is back
* Transportable energy lift - Basically it fires Spartans to a different part of the map (like on Unreal Tournament)

The first gameplay video (with bungie talking) is found here. The video should be located at the bottom of the page. The second version (without bungie talking) is found here. After seeing those videos, a user has released a edited version of the video, where he points out a few interesting points of the game that Bungie may not want us to know about yet. This 3rd user edited video is found here.

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