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Heaviest Scrum Pack



What is the heaviest scrum pack you have ever seen mine was 911 kg but I know there can be more.
I know that you could just find the eight heaviest players in the game and dump them all into one team. Just forget about the positions and dump them anywhere and you should have a pack over 1,000kgs.

But does weight make any difference to the scrums?
i dont know, does it? but that would be pretty cool, a scrum weighing a tonne
Don't believe so, think the only thing which effects scrumming is positions and the scrummaging rating (Playing Players out of position definatly has a major effect on their playing abilty)
The heaviest eight forwards in the game are:
309 FL G Quinell (Wal)
298 SR T Collier (Eng)
298 PR S Tonga'uiha (Ton)
288 SR C Quinell (Wal)
288 SR D Browne (Ire)
288 PR E Berruti (Uru)
283 PR T Lea'aetoa (NZ)
283 PR M Noble (NZ)

The heaviest possible pack with players in their first choice positions would be:

298 PR S Tonga'uiha (Ton)
256 HK J Smit (SA) OR P Balan (Rom)
288 PR E Berruti (Uru)
298 SR T Collier (Eng)
288 SR C Quinell (Wal) OR D Browne (Ire)
309 FL G Quinell (Wal)
276 N8 I Miko (Ton)
274 FL O Kohn (Eng)

total 2287 lbs or 1038 kgs.

Using P John (Wal) in his second-choice position of hooker would add 6 lbs to the weight.

But if you wanted to compromise a little weight for quality and skills it might look like this:

283 PR M Scelzo (Arg)
254 HK A Oliver (NZ)
282 PR O le Roux (SA)
270 SR B Cockbain (wal)
270 SR B Gissing (Ire)
309 FL G Quinell (Wal)
276 N8 I Miko (Ton)
273 FL E Taione (Ton)

total 2217 lbs or 1006 kgs

Hugh Kernohan

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