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Heineken Champions Cup - The Final

Leonormous Boozer

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Dec 3, 2010
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Cinq days til I'm absolutely hammered at the Vélodrome. I'm fairly confident we'll win but definitely more nervous than any other tie this season, it being our first trip to France isn't ideal.
Expect it to be most one side final since you guys beat Ulster 10 odd yrs ago.
Shame that European final has lost so much of it's status.

Really didn't help it being before the domestic finals
Yeah, I'm obviously super excited but it's lost its lustre since the format change. The only massively anticipated one I can remember recently was Leinster v Saracens. Nothing like the days when even an all French final would be massively anticipated like Toulon v Clermont in 2013.
Speak for yourselves. This will be the first match in this tournament I'll have ever bothered to watch live. Unless, you know, its sunny or something.

Who doesn't want to see a bunch of local lads punch a bunch of overpaid prima donnas in the mouth in their own backyard?
How can anyone look at that La Rochelle side, stuffed with guys from another hemisphere, and think Leinster are bad for rugby!

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