Heineken Cup

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    European Cup: this is a European Cup in which 24 teams are divided into 6 groups of 4. The teams score 4 points for a win, 2 for a tie game and 0 points for a defeat. The winner of each group and the two best second place teams are qualified for the quarter-finals. An additional bonus point is also given: if a team is defeated by a margin of less than 7 points and if more than 4 tries are attempted during a match.

    This appears in the game´s official site.
    Is the Heineken cup?It is fully-licensed?
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    yes my amigo
  4. Boy

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    Might not be called the Heineken Cup, as there are advertising issues. Basically, to keep the game rated as 3+, there can't be alcohol sponsorship. Might be called the H Cup, like in France, or just the European Cup. Likewise for the Guiness Premiership.
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