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apart from Evol (who is not able to get on the internet) ozzy, myself and inertia (i know he can read this) are any of you other patch team members doing anything?

I might have to cut down on the members if you guys arnt doing anything. If you need files or anything let me know in here.

Hey Woosah, I have been having a hell of a time lately with my internet connection so if I go silent for a while that's the reason. It's seriously ******* me off.
On that subject and totally off topic do you have any idea what might suddenly cause USB devices to be not recognised. I have a wireless USB network adapter which is causing the problem.
Sorry, i've just got back from holiday, I haven't noticed anything over than whats been reported already like the face portraits not changing etc.
my take on the face potraits, who really gives a flying **** :) its a bloody portrait, it is all cosmetic, but i wouldnt say that in the forum :)
but its all good dude, we need more people to help with the hex editing and seeing if we can crack some of the tornaments, anyone keen?
Well, I've been busy with work and the new rugby season in Scotland, but I'm finding some time. Spent last night trying to do a CCC template for the Scotland kit. Got a few wee bugs so fix but i'll finnish that and do the new embra' kits. I'll try to esemble the kits i did for 06 that are still in use this season and get them into a pack for 08.

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