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Help...06 Game Crashing (PC Version)



I just got the PC version of Rugby 06. In just over a week, I've played a number of exhibitions, a Tri Nations tourney and a 10 Nations tourney with no problems. Last night, I started a World Cup (i.e. World Championship) tourney and the game crashed in the middle of play. The game simply switched off and took me directly to the desktop. Started the game up again and same thing happened midway through a match. I didn't install any new programs or configure anything between the time everything appeared to run fine and when the crashing took place.

Anyone else have this problem / know of a solution?

I've had that problem. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any answer. Didn't happen to me all that often though.
have you installed any patches?
have you played with the roster file or anything?
have you installed any patches?
have you played with the roster file or anything?

I made some roster changes in-game, not through an external editor or anything.

I did fail to mention that I downloaded and installed McAfee virus protection 2 days prior to the crash.

BTW, after some research, what is happening is considered to be the dreaded "crash to desktop". :(
I`ve done some changes to mine. Changed Sale to Wigan and tried to add different logos and flags and my game crashes just as it loading to start a game :cryy:

jeff your problem seams to be it cant read the file, i have had that problem, i suggest moving a file out one at a time until you identify the problem file.

as for ab10 if you havnt patched it or anything i suggest a clean uninstall reinstall of the game, sometimes that works.
I've had that problem too ab10. It only happened once in a while. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 4 or 5 times, but it still occurred every now and then. Try patching it if theres patches, but i think its just a glitch with the games, and in saying that, there would have to be a patch lol.
Well, I uninstalled / reinstalled the game and disabled the virus protection during play. Played five or so matches with no problems. I will keep my fingers crossed that the crashing is minimal.

Thanks for the replies.
Cheers Whoosah,

i know when i was trying to change the Sale crest, i kept getting "Stream read error" or "access violation at address 004844a in module `fshed.exe` read of address 011f4000.

Will move files to a temp location until i locate dodgy file.

Got it sorted m8 :cheers: but i still cant edit some of the badges and flags :cryy:


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