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help me! video issues ! ! !



I finally got my hands on rugby 05 (i live in brazil so it took a while to get it) i cant play the game because when i go to that stupid practice, after it loads, the image is all screwd up, the player's movement leaves a tray behind, sort of like "ghost" images...
Does someone know why is that happenning?! at first I thought it might be my video card but i have other EA games , a bit older like MADDEN 2003 but they work perfectly...is there a patch or something for it?!? has anyone experiencied the same problem?!?

Hope someone can help me...

Right that sounds like your monitor then. Have you got a lcd/tft monitor?

All tft/lcd monitors have responce times which basically means how quick it process images, the lower the better. Higher responce times means that monitors will suffer from 'Ghosting' like what you have mentioned.

If you are unsure, go on the manufactures website & look for your montor it should state the responce time.

An average responce time is about 16ms responce time.

If u cannot afford to get another tft/lcd monitor, then get a crt montor instead.
yeah it could be the refresh rate, do tft have a refresh rate that you can change?

i think there is but i can' tbe sure

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