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Hennie Muller

Ive alway's wanted to know where that name came from.... The name Hennie Muller involved sprinting at all 4 corners to oppersite ends of the rugby field at trainings... I actually dreaded hearing that name at training's
Hennie Muller played no.8 for the Boks. Used to be legendary for "running the backline down", as it was called. Fearsome speed and tackling ability. His nickname was "windhond", which translated means greyhound. So that training drill was probably a speed drill, with some stamina work thrown into the mix. Also possibly to make the bloke`s name like a curse over in NZ, seeing as he captained the 1949 Boks to a 4-0 whitewash over the AB`s.

@ The Bokke- why not pop over the hall of fame section and write a nomination article on Hennie? There are excellent guidelines set out. And he deserves a mention.
They used the training drill called Henny Muller quite alot when i was in NZ secondary schools training camp and at the Academy camps still do today as well. The majority of there drill's are named after famous Rugby legends throughout the rugby world the name Hennie Muller i was told was from a famous person who's stamina was that of a mustang race horse, Didnt know he was South african though. It in volved sprinting diagonally to opposite ends of the rugby field so that you make an X shape whilst doing so. Do this 20 Time's with a 30 second rest between repetition's, I'm telling you it will run you to the ground. I know at alot of clubs here in NZ they use this training drill alot but the name is called Henry Muller's (which i think they got wrong)...

BUT thank you BokMagic and co for showing me abit of insight about the history of this famous name. As you know alot of Springbok rugby legends from past years are deeply respected in NZ as well and will never be forgotten for there service's
Bloody hell, how I hate that drill especially for a prop forward like myself. :ranting:
As you know alot of Springbok rugby legends from past years are deeply respected in NZ as well and will never be forgotten for there service's [/b]

And the same goes for some of the great names that graced the famous AB jersey over the years here in the Republic. Names like Wilson Whinery, Buck Shelford, Brian Lochore and of course the greatest of them all, Colin Meads(and even his brother Stan) are still spoken of in awe over here.

So why not do an article on one of those guys not yet in the hall of fame? Or one on your sig. guy, George Nepia. Obviously never saw him play- I`m way too young for that, but I`ve certainly read the articles about him too. Respect.
Hennie Muller is my grandfather :)

Never got to meet my grand father as he passed away in 1977 and I was born in 1984. I hear his "running the backline down" was so ferocious it let to the rules of rugby being changed.....Have heard stories from dad and Grand mother that by the time the wing got the ball, Hennie aka "Windhond" was so quick as an 8th man he would just flatten him:)

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My grandfather is greatly respected in NZ. No matter how long it has been, Hennie has left an ever-lasting impact on New Zealand rugby.....hence his induction into the Hall of fame.
Anyone have that moment when you're doing a Hennie Muller - and the coach yells give it 100% for the next three goes - but as a team you know your coach is a lying bast*rd - and so you only go 80% as a group knowing he'll add at least one more lap.
Spot on :)

There is rare footage of my grand father scoring tries. If you google "Murray Field massacre".......it's when the Boks beat Scotland 44-0 in 1949, Hennie was captain that day and scored a try!

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