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"Honoring the Game of Rugby"

A very sensible way to look at the game. People should take heed of such advice.
This is a joke? Tuck your shirt in, pull up your socks?

Address the ref as Sir? Players put up with the ref because they know that without him the game becomes pointless: a bunch of guys who don't care about the ball, but just run around smacking in to each other for the hell of it. Respect for the ref is nonsense - it's about players taking the game seriously and wanting the chance to perform. If the ref has no authority, then there's no platform for a performance.

The bit about drugs is ridiculous - professional players are unnaturally bulked up, although they don't make the mistake of showing Linford Christie type abs.

There's more I don't agree with. Very stuffy.
the overall message is good however, plus you don't have to view it a set of laws more of as guiding principles for the game

i take your point that referees need to be respected so that we have them coming out to take charge of games in the first place, on the other hand there's more to it than that - rugby is a thinking man's game of hard, yet fair aggression and discipline, restraint and the referee symbolizes this balance and plays an important role in our game, he is crucial - that doesn't mean he has to impose himself on the game, refs should be respected more, regardless of whether they're primarily needed to get the game on - personally i respect the ones (especially former players) that go out of their way to officiate games and give back to the game.

as far as the "tuck your shirt" in stuff goes i wouldn't take that all that stuff literally
I tuck my shirt in anyway. It makes the waist look narrower, making the upper body look bigger and, hopefully, more intimidating.
I have always grown up calling the ref "Sir". It's something you have to do (in Wales, anyway). I believe it's a sign of respect and if that stops, then what next? It'll be like football where the referees have 6 or 7 players in his face hassling him for every decision that he makes.

I also agree with the "tuck your shirt in" part.
Why give the opponent that one last thing to grab onto as your skipping passed him. It's just stupid (as a back) to wear your jersey untucked.