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Hostels in Dublin



Right, my girlfriend has never been to Dublin so we've decided we're gonna go accross for a long weekend in the spring. I've looked into flights from Edinburgh, and they're pretty much what i expected. But even though I've been to Dublin a few times it's all been done through my rugby club. I've had a snoop around the web to see what kind of hostels are available, but there's alot to choose from. I would have gone with the four courts last time, but she said she wants a private room, prefreably a double but we could live with a twin room. Looking to go maybe the 2nd of May for 3 nights. Is this the best time to go or is there a cheaper time to head accross? Any recomendations etc for places to stay?
Tell her there is some obscure Irish festival that day and there are only 40 bed dorms available :p

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