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How about this...



At both my university team and old club we used to have man of the match and of course..."****** of the Match". "****** of the Match" would be awarded to the ONE person who made a really stupid error during the game, acted like a twat in some way or just maybe spent the entire game having a bad one and f***ing everything up. This would usually result in some form of humiliation before doing the walk of death.

So how about we implement that into this site?

Not so much "****** of the Match", but "Loser of the Month", or "Idiot of the Month".
It's all light hearted, no scathing remarks, nothing harsh, just simply someone being put up on display for having typed or argued something idiotic.
I presume this could be left up to the management with the decision (or whoever decides member of the month).

I was just thinking about how we could encorporate the rugby culture into our forum a little bit more.

I have to stress how idiot of the month should not be offensive or anything.
I received a "****** of the Match" once for picking a fight with a forward with the opposition and when my mate tried to break us apart i punched him as well (total accident) and i made his eye close up. :toss:
Anyway, i was forced to stand on a table in Walkabout in my boxers singing a song of my choice.
Once i had done it i got the walk of death and a pat on my back for doing the punishment. I took it on the chin as did all the boys who received it and it was hillarious to watch, and to tell you the truth, to experience.

My song choice: I Will Survive

So would this be a waste of space?
A good idea?
We wouldn't punish anyone, just maybe their picture and the crime, for which they have been sentenced, besides them.

i like the idea, i know what you mean, lets get the rugby culture going a bit more.
yip we have a similar award in my team... called 'dick of the day'
the recipient has to do a jug skull after the match
But still have the punishment i say!
Have the 'chosen' member take a photo of themself in an embarressing manner and post it up here for us all to see and then we can use it for our sigs.

kidding :D
we'll just send a wedgie to the members email or sumthin
Yes but remember that people are very touchy, and although it could be hilarious it could also get out of control.

I mean its just pretty negative, it won't exactly encourage all those "drifters" to sign up because they probably wouldn't want it to be them.

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