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How did your Rugby interest start?

Yes, for me it was my class tutor when I was 11 (at a boys' boarding school here in England). He really got me interested! At the larger boarding school I attended from 13-18 my House Master was also very keen on Rugby and I played for a House team.
It seems to be Southwest France where the interest in Rugby is greatest - rather than the Southeast where I think you are from?
I came from the North East.
In South Africa the boys starts playing tag-rugby at age 5 at the schools
That doesn't surprise me at all!
I've wanted to visit South Africa for some time now. There are a large number of South Africans in London now, including speakers of Afrikaans (we hear that quite a lot), Zulu and Xhosa as well as English.
I saw a couple of match on TV when I was young.
But I come from a French region where rugby isn't very popular...

When I was 11 a sport teacher cames from Beziers and let us discover rugby. Thanks to him.
By the way, welcome as you seem to be a new member.

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