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How do you change the colour of a jersey number?


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Nov 11, 2016
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Can someone please tell me how do you change the colour of a jersey number?
Good question, I actually want to create a jersey number font, to go with most of the new Adidas jerseys from New Zealand (Super Rugby and national side). But, and here is the issue: How to do so?
The jersey numbers are the strip_dec textures in the strips folder. You can edit them, its just that not many ppl do it.
Oooh exciting! I didn't know they could be edited. Let's try this
how to edit the jersey numbers ? .. sometimes it big .. sometimes it same with jersey colour ? ...
I would imagine yes. I dont know much about hex editing but you should be able to change just about anything in the database with hex editing
Using hex is the best way. This way you dont alter any pssg file and u can use any decal to your liking and asign it to your team without affecting the original jersey its meant for
Hi guys,

Marius, I know you answered on my thread but I'd like to keep the conversation going on this one.
How do you modify that using hex editor? If someone has an explanation or can link me to a tutorial, that would be awesome!

That's awesome mate, many many thanks for that great job explaining hex to us! :cheers:
No prob. You can also hex edit lisenced players of rc2 which are in the faces folder of rc3. It seems like they left the textures there but did not link the faces. So u can create graig laidlaw for example and hex his available texture that was not used without altering pssg files