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How i keep my custom modded kits from the PC Demo to RC3 on my PS4?

Ali AK9

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Jul 17, 2016
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South Africa
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I modded the game to get the new Lions Super Rugby kit and uploaded it onto the FanHub. I went onto my PS4 and downloaded it, but the kit reverted back to the old one? How i fix this and keep my modded kit on my PS4?
The fanhub don't keep the changes made outside of the game.
You aren't modding the files for your PS4, you're just modding that PC. You can't change the kits on PS4 or Xbox One to the real ones, only on PC. It's like how if I download Photoshop (for example) on my Windows Computer, I can't go on your computer and expect Photoshop to be there by itself as I haven't done anything with your computer...make sense?

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